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Living Green: Sustainability at Laurier

As sustainability becomes more of global concern through international movements, such as Friday’s for Future and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we want to make sure that you can participate in any sustainability opportunities you are passionate about and offer you opportunities to create your own.  

From academics and research to alternative transportation and waste reduction, the Sustainability Office works hard to give you many opportunities to live more sustainably. 


Our Story

Created by you and for you, the Sustainability Office officially opened in 2010 following a successful 2009 referendum. Since then, our team has grown to two full-time positions supported by passionate Laurier student employees.


Continue Laurier's transformation into an institution that integrates sustainability practices into all areas of the university. We aim to inspire, educate and equip students, faculty and staff to engage others in the same practices.


Create and foster a culture of sustainability by engaging, promoting and coordinating action with all stakeholders, developing an environmentally proactive Laurier community.


The Sustainability Office promotes strategic objectives that foster a sustainable community, including:

  • Create and advance partnerships in the university and the greater community to form, cultivate and share sustainable programs.
  • Support the development of academic programs and research at Laurier that give attention to social, environmental and economic sustainability.
  • Develop and support policies and practices that contribute to sustainable operations and resource utilization at Laurier.
  • Organize events and utilize communication channels to increase awareness of and convey the mission of the Sustainability Office.
  • Consider the pillars of sustainability –economic, social and environment- in all decision making.