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If you have been impacted by sexual violence, it’s never your fault.

We believe you. We’re here for you.

Support is available to all members of the Laurier community who have been impacted by gendered or sexual violence, regardless of when or where the violence took place. Healing from trauma and accessing support looks different for everyone. Laurier's Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Supports can provide information on the different options available to you and can support you in figuring out what works best for you.

We are here to listen to you and, with your consent, we can assist you with:

  • Safety planning.
  • Referrals to counselling and medical services.
  • Trauma-informed care resources.
  • Academic and campus accommodations.
  • Understanding the on- and off-campus reporting and complaint options available to you (including understanding official complaint procedures).
  • Navigating systems and resources within the university and the broader community.
  • Supporting communications between the survivor and the university.
  • Advocacy within university systems and legal systems.
  • Resources for all individuals who have been impacted by gender-based or sexual violence (e.g., family and friends of survivors, people who have received disclosures, and people who have caused harm).
  • Understanding limits to confidentiality.

All services are available in person, over the phone, or through email.

24/7 Sexual Assault Centre Supports

Sexual violence counselling is available during regular university hours on campus in both Waterloo and Brantford, as well as through a partnership with the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region. Students can also access these 24/7 support and crisis lines:

  • The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region 24-hour support line: 519.741.8633. Phone support is available in more than 200 languages through an interpreter service.
  • The Sexual Assault Centre of Brant 24-hour crisis and support line: 519.751.3471.

Need Help Right Now?

Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Supports:

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Lines:

  • Waterloo: 519.741.8633
  • Brantford: 519.751.3471


  • 911

Special Constable Services:

  • Waterloo: 519.885.3333 (external phones) or x3333 (on-campus phones)
  • Brantford: 519.770.3778 (external phones) or x3333 (on-campus phones)
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Laurier’s Commitment to Survivors

All survivors of gendered and sexual violence at Laurier have the right to:

  • Be provided with non-judgmental and compassionate support;
  • Be treated with dignity and respect;
  • Be informed about on- and off-campus services, resources, and official complaint and reporting options;
  • Choose whether or not to access support services and decide which services they feel would be most beneficial;
  • Include a support person of their choice in meetings related to their case;
  • Have all reasonable actions taken to provide a safe and supportive working, learning and living environment including accommodations related to academics, work, campus life, recreation, and residence;
  • Receive assistance in developing a personal and/or workplace safety plan; and
  • Be kept informed, in a timely manner, about university processes that are undertaken as a result of information they have disclosed or reported, including who is informed about a case, the status and outcome of an investigation, and whether accountability measures have been taken.

Laurier’s Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Supports operates on the sacred and traditional land of the Anishnawbe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples.