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Accommodations for Religious Observances

Wilfrid Laurier University is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the university community and has a duty to provide accommodation based on creed (religion) under the Ontario Human Rights Code. This obligation requires the university to work with students to provide reasonable accommodation when a student’s religious observances or spiritual beliefs creates a conflict with their academic schedule and subsequent ability to meet the academic requirements of the course as presented in the course outline.

Developing accommodations is a shared responsibility. Students need to work with their instructors and university staff to address accommodation requirements. The following outlines the process effective January 2020 by which students are to request accommodation due to a religious or spiritual observance.

Mid-terms, Tests, Labs and Other Course Work

All accommodation requests for mid-terms, tests, labs or course work are to be directed to and addressed by the course instructor.

Student Obligations

Final Exams

All accommodation requests for final exams are directed to and addressed by the Faculty Petitions Committee for the Faculty of the course (i.e. not the student’s “home” Faculty).

Student Obligations

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