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All appoints occur online

You can book an online appointment with a learning strategist or time management coach on the Student Success Student Portal

After booking your appointment, a Learning Strategist will email you with a link to a Teams meeting. Teams' meetings require access to a webcam and microphone. If you require a meeting in an alternate format, please reply and notify the Learning Strategist.  

learning strategist can help you to assess your current learning strategies and study skills and make recommendations to help you to further develop these strategies and skills. Learning strategies and study skills include effective textbook reading, note taking, studying, test preparation and taking, and oral presentations. Please bring a copy of your notes and text books for a course you are finding particularly challenging to your appointment.

If you either cancel or miss three appointments in a term, you will be blocked from our online scheduling system for the remainder of the term.
You can track and cancel your scheduled appointments through the Student Success Student Portal.

Appointments Provided Online

Please note that all appointments with Learning Skills & Development currently take place online through our Online Live Classroom. Students can access the classroom through the Learning Skills & Development My Learning Space page. If you do not have access to our page on My Learning Space, please email us:

Our professional staff and trained peer mentors can help you improve your writing skills, study skills, or both at once. To book an online appointment, visit the Student Success Student Portal.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do it through the student portal or by emailing us. We require a minimum of one business day’s notice for cancellations.

Appointment Lengths

  • Undergraduates: 55 minutes
  • LEAF Program students: 25 minutes
  • Graduate students: 60 minutes + (as necessary)

Appointment Policies

  • Learning Skills and Development provides constructive feedback to students on study strategies and assignments. Peer mentors sit down with students during consultations to give feedback to students about their study strategies and/or writing and provide suggestions for improvement. The task of revision on any written work remains the students’ responsibility.
  • There is no limit on study skills appointments.
  • Students who repeatedly miss appointments may have their Learning Skills and Development privileges curtailed. Students who miss two appointments with insufficient notice will not be able to book future appointments online until meeting with the coordinator or manager.
  • Learning Skills and Development assists students with take-home exams only when a professor has given prior instructions to the centre staff to do so. Course instructors can contact the manager to give general permission for their class to access writing support services for a take-home exam or to give specific permission for individuals who may access the support.
  • We can assist students with group assignments (essays or presentations, for example). However, it is mandatory that all group members attend the online consultation.