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Pathway to Faculty of Education: French

Priority consideration to Faculty of Education: French

The Opportunity

As a graduate of the Honours French program or the Honours BA in Languages program, you will have the opportunity to gain a priority consideration into Laurier's Faculty of Education. Here are the criteria you have to meet: 

  • GPAs of 75% or above in your most recent credits.
  • Experience Profile *score of 30 over 50 or higher, including 50 or more hours of relevant experience with children or youth
  • Successful completion of the written and oral exam, proctored by the Laurier Faculty of Education**
  • Satisfaction of the prerequisites of the French as a Second teachable (does not apply to Primary/Junior applicants)
  • This offer will be extended to up to 5 applicants per year in Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate, not to exceed a total of 8 over both programs.

How to Apply

  1. By Dec. 1, ask Dr. Newland, to add you to the list of those applying to the automatic stream for the B.Ed.
  2. Enter an application into the Teacher Education application System.
  3. Complete an experience profile and submit it to the Faculty of Education.
  4. Submit a transcript and the experience profile by Dec. 7. Your admission will be confirmed by Feb. 1. A final transcript must be submitted by June 30.

For further information:

* Consult the Faculty of Education website for more information about the experience profile requirements
** See the Faculty of Education website for more details about the exam