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Course Offerings

The course list for 2016/17 can be found in the LORIS Dynamic Schedule, and a description of courses can be found in the Languages and Literatures area of the undergraduate academic calendar.

If you would like to take a course for which you are missing a prerequisite or are in the wrong year level or major, you will have to complete an override form.

Course Offerings for Winter 2017


  • AB102: Modern Standard Arabic II
  • AB245: Arabic Spring: Cultural Approach


  • FR102OC2*: Introductory French II
  • FR151OC2*: Practical French I
  • FR151: Practical French II
  • FR251: Language through Popular Culture II
  • FR260: French Pronunciation: Norm and Variation
  • FR330: Advanced Translation I
  • FR332: Freedom of French Classicism
  • FR338: Francophone Myths and Legends
  • FR370: Graphic Novels and Animations
  • FR385: Innovations in French Cinema
  • FR470: Atelier in Advanced French


  • GM111: Introductory German II


  • IT102: Introduction to Italian II
  • IT202: Intermediate Italian II
  • IT324: Cinema Italia

Languages and Literatures

  • LL223: Theoretical Linguistics


  • MI202: Mediterranean Culture II


  • SP100: Introductory Spanish
  • SP101OC2*: Introduction to Spanish
  • SP102: Introduction to Spanish II
  • SP202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SP220: Topics in Spanish Culture
  • SP302: Composition and Conversation II
  • SP327: Quixotic Adventures
  • SP328: Contemporary Hispanic Theatre
  • SP446: Love in Medieval Literature

*Denotes online course

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