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Course Offerings

The course list for can be found in LORIS Browse Classes (formerly Dynamic Schedule), and a description of courses can be found in the Languages and Literatures area of the undergraduate academic calendar.

If you would like to take a course for which you are missing a prerequisite or are in the wrong year level or major, you will have to complete an override form.

Course Offerings for Fall 2020


  • AB101: Modern Standard Arabic I


  • FR101: Introductory French I
  • FR150: Practical French I
  • FR234: A Century of Revolution
  • FR235: Twentieth Century
  • FR250: Language through Popular Culture I
  • FR290: A Journey through French Literature
  • FR331: Advanced Translation
  • FR360: Atelier Composition Stylistics
  • FR385: Innovations in Cinema
  • FR437: Québec Literature: Critiquing Family, Church and State


  • GM110: Introductory German I
  • GM210: Intermediate German I


  • IT101: Introduction to Italian I
  • IT201: Intermediate Italian I


  • LA203: IIntermediate Latin_ Directed Studies

Languages & Literatures:

  • LL223, Theoretical Linguistics


  • MI202: Mediterranean Culture II


  • SP101: Introduction to Spanish I
  • SP201: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SP223: Introduction to Spanish Literature
  • SP301: Composition and Conversation I
  • SP325: Spanish Art, Music and Media
  • SP451: Stylistics & Professional Writing

Course Offerings for Winter 2021


  • AB102: Modern Standard Arabic II
  • AB202: Intermediate Arabic II_Directed Studies


  • FR102: Introductory French II
  • FR151: Practical French II
  • FR225: Music in French
  • FR240: Media & the News in French
  • FR251: Language through Popular Culture II
  • FR300: Teaching, Learning and Thinking in French
  • FR332: Freedom of French Classicism 
  • FR438: Family Feuds in Francophone Literature
  • FR470: Atelier in Advanced French


  • GM111: Introductory German II
  • GM211: Intermediate German II


  • IT102: Introduction to Italian II
  • IT202: Intermediate Italian II
  • IT395H: Venice

Languages and Literatures

  • LL200: Cultural Perspectives I


  • SP102: Introduction to Spanish II
  • SP202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SP266: Approaches to Literary Texts
  • SP302: Composition and Conversation II
  • SP327: Quixotic Adventures: Knights, Damsels and Windmills
  • SP401: Advanced Communication Strategies

Course Offerings for Spring 2021

  • AB201: Intermediate Arabic I
  • FR101OC: Introductory French I
  • FR102OC: Introductory French II
  • SP101OC: Introduction to Spanish I
  • SP102OC: Introduction to Spanish II