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Instructional Assistantships for 2024/2025

Subject to final budgetary approval, the Department of Languages and Literatures invites applications for positions of Instructional Assistant (IAs) for its first and second-year courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish during the 2024/2025 academic year. The exact number of positions available will be determined when final enrolment numbers in each course are available. The number of contracts issued will depend upon a combination of enrolment levels and the performance of the IAs in previous term.

Position Overview

IAs will support the primary instructor in the classroom in any pedagogical capacity the instructor requires help with. The assistants will attend meetings with instructors/coordinators when required. All assitants need to attend mandatory training at the beginning of September.


Applicants should be students at Wilfrid Laurier University during the semester that they undertake duties of Instructional Assistant. Applicants should be able to communicate clearly in both English and the target language (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish) with strong interpersonal skills (friendly, approachable, able to create a positive rapport with students, etc.). Applicants should also be able to maintain a good working relationship with the course coordinator or instructor.


The rate of pay is determined by the policy and guidelines for Instructional Assistants.


Applicants should send a statement about their suitability for the position and what they can bring to the programs, and include a resume; official transcripts are not required as the department will refer to academic records. 
Please indicate your preference about the course you would like to lead, and forward your documents to by May 15, 2024.