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Course Offerings

All students please note:

As you register for courses, bear in mind that online ("OC") classes are not the same as remote-delivered lecture classes.  Remote classes taught this Fall will strive to deliver the content that you would receive in a classroom.  They will have components that take place in the scheduled class times, and so your availability during that time is expected for remote classes.  Different instructors may use class time differently, for example with live lectures or discussion group activities.  Students can expect a range in course delivery methods to meet the needs of different sized classes and learning objectives.  While some instructors may record some content, others may not. 
If you are in a different time zone or have ongoing internet connectivity limitations that affect your ability to be present at a remote class, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for Philosophy at



  • Fall 2022 = (1)
  • Winter 2023 = (2)
  • Online Fall 2022 = (OF)
  • Online Winter 2023 = (OW)