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Course Offerings for 2016/17

Fall 2016

  • PP110: Values and Society
  • PP111: Knowledge and Reality
  • PP201: Reasoning and Argumentation
  • PP204: Formal Logic
  • PP217: Medical Ethics
  • PP218: Existentialism
  • PP219: Feminist Philosophy
  • PP229: Theories of Reality
  • PP262: Modern Philosophy I
  • PP264: 20th Century Philosophy
  • PP270: Freedom, Determinism and Responsibility
  • PP350L: Ryle
  • PP370B: Physicalism and the Problem of Qualia
  • PP380J: The Human Condition in the Anthropocene
  • PP450A: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
  • PP470W: Ignorance and Responsibility
  • PP470X: Evil and Divine Hiddenness
  • PP480A: Media, Ethics, and Media Ethics

Online Courses

  • PP110 OC1: Values and Society
  • PP201 OC1: Reasoning and Argumentation
  • PP209 OC1: Philosophy of Religion
  • PP217 OC1: Medial Ethics
  • PP223 OC1: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PP224 OC1: Philosophy and the Environment
  • PP230 OC1: Quest for World Peace
  • PP247 OC1: Business Ethics

Winter 2017

  • PP110: Values and Society
  • PP207: Ethical Theories
  • PP213: Legal Philosophy
  • PP214: Philosophy of Mind
  • PP220: Indian Philosophy
  • PP224: Philosophy and the Environment
  • PP225: Theories of Knowledge
  • PP233: Philosophy of Sex, Love and Friendship
  • PP247: Business Ethics
  • PP256: Ancient Philosophy I
  • PP370G: Persons, Selves and Identity
  • PP380E: Love and Personal Identity
  • PP470S: Metaphysics of Death
  • PP480B: Self-Knowledge
  • PP480Z: Climate Ethics

Online Courses

  • PP111 OC2: Knowledge and Reality
  • PP201 OC2: Reasoning and Argumentation
  • PP209 OC2: Philosophy of Religion
  • PP217 OC2: Medial Ethics
  • PP223 OC2: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PP230 OC2: Quest for World Peace
  • PP247 OC2: Business Ethics

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