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Instructional Assistantships

Subject to budgetary approval, the Department of Philosophy invites applications for instructional assistants (IAs) during the 2024/25 academic year. The number of positions available will be determined when final enrolment numbers are known.

Position Overview

IAs will be required to undertake the following tasks (note that some of these may be conducted remotely, via the use of various online technologies): 

  • Prepare for and run a weekly tutorial.
  • Mark assignments, tests and exams.
  • Attend lectures and meetings with the instructor.
  • Hold office hours.
  • Respond to emails from students.

IAs must also attend a departmental IA orientation (date TBD). Due to the importance the department places on attendance, contracts will not be issued for those who do not attend.

Courses Available

  • PP103: Philosophy of Happiness
  • PP110: Values and Society
  • PP111: Knowledge and Reality


IA rates begin at $22 per hour, plus 4% in lieu of vacation pay. IAs for PP110 and PP111 will have a total of 120 hours (an average of 10 hours per week, for the duration of the term).



Applicants should:

  • Be in fourth-year Honours Philosophy or Honours Philosophy in Combination as of September 2024 or January 2025.
  • Have a minimum 9.5 GPA in Philosophy at the end of winter 2024.
  • Be good communicators (clear, articulate speakers), with strong interpersonal skills (friendly, approachable, able to create a positive rapport with students, etc.).
  • Be capable of unbiased evaluation.
  • Possess strong time management skills.
  • Possess discerning, critical reading skills.
  • Be able to write clearly and argumentatively, with a solid understanding of the basics of syntax, punctuation and grammar.

Application Process

Hiring for the fall term generally takes place in August and hiring for the winter term generally takes place in November. Unless you state otherwise, we will consider your application for both terms.


Applicants should submit:

  • A letter of application, which includes a brief description of one’s suitability for the position.
  • A resume.
  • The names of two philosophy professors who are able to speak to your writing ability and/or participation in class. (You do not need to ask for letters from your references as the hiring committee will contact them directly.)
  • A reliable secondary contact email or phone number so that we can be sure to reach you.

Official transcripts are not required, as the department has access to academic records.

Complete applications should be sent by email to Dr. Ashwani Peetush at  



We welcome applications immediately and will continue to accept applications until positions are filled.

We will make official offers to your MyLaurier email address. It is imperative that you respond promptly to offers (made in the summer months) as failure to do so can result in withdrawal of the offer.