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Women and Gender Studies

Laurier’s Women and Gender Studies program places questions of gender and social justice at the centre of inquiry. It emphasizes the important roles that gender and its relationship to other categories including race, class, sexuality, age, ability, citizenship, geographical location, national identity, etc. play in shaping people’s experiences across the globe. Our faculty and students cross disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in the natural sciences, business and economics. You’ll graduate from our program with strong skills in critical thinking, research, writing and community engagement.

The aim is to engage students in a field that promotes a commitment to practices of leadership and social justice, and ensures that women’s lives are included in the production of knowledge.

Research Ethics and Compliance

If you will be undertaking research, review the information on research ethics and compliance.

All research undertaken by Laurier students, staff and faculty is subject to ethical and legal requirements.

Graduation cap.

Your Experience and Career Guide

Make the most out of your university career by taking advantage of all that Laurier has to offer you. Explore the Women and Gender Studies experience and career guide to learn ways you can extend your classroom experience into the world and the career opportunities available to you.