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Course Offerings for 2017/18

  • WS100: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WS201: Gender, Subjectivity and Resistance
  • WS202: Women and Gender Relations in Canada
  • WS208: Violence Against Women
  • WS212: Food and Feminism
  • WS290d: Special Topics: Gender and Race
  • WS290e: Special Topics: Feminism and Reproductive Justice
  • WS301j: Special Topics: Women and Environmental (In)Justice
  • WS303: Feminist Theory
  • WS305: Gender, Culture and Technology
  • WS310: Transnational Sexualities
  • WS490h: Advanced Topics: Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture

Descriptions for Special Topics Courses

WS290d Gender and Race

Meeting at this intersection of identities, this course aims to challenge us to re-think our discipline, our 'feminism' and our understanding of race and racism in Canadian and international contexts. To this end, students will develop their gender equity lens by grounding their work in critical race theory and will be introduced to creative ways to apply the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the course in real world activities. 

WS290e: Feminism and Reproductive Justice

This interdisciplinary course introduces the history and contemporary politics of the body from a reproductive justice framework as informed by feminist theories, perspectives and activism. We consider how issues of sexuality, gender, race, class, and disability, or experiences of systemic violence and environmental racism affect our degree of reproductive justice. Particular attention is paid to the experiences of Indigenous women, and although reference is made to these issues internationally, whenever possible the focus is on a Canadian context. 

WS301j: Women and Environmental (In)Justice

This interdisciplinary course examines the history and contemporary politics of environmental racism from different feminist perspectives. We consider the disproportionate environmental burdens faced by women and Indigenous communities locally and globally, and their leading role in the struggle for environmental justice. How and why are environmental issues experienced differently according to race, gender and class? How have different communities responded to environmental injustices? How is environmental justice related to reproductive justice, social justice, and justice for Indigenous peoples?

WS490h: Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture

How do media such as the internet, movies, television and comics both reflect, shape and challenge popular ideas about gender and sexuality?  With reference to specific examples, this course will take up this central question through an exploration of gendered identities and sexualities as represented in a variety of forms of popular culture. Students will be introduced to key themes, topics and approaches in gender and sexuality studies in this interactive seminar. 

Online Courses (Available Every Term)

  • WS100: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WS203: Girls, Women and Popular Culture
  • WS204: Women, Gender and Work
  • WS211: Diverse Masculinities