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Course Offerings for 2024-2025

The following is a list of Women & Gender Studies Courses that will be offered during the 2024-2025 Academic year:

WS100: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WS201: Gender, Subjectivity & Resistance
WS202: Women & Gender in Canada
WS203: Girls, Women & Popular Culture
WS204: Women, Gender & Work
WS208: Violence Against Women
WS209: Women & Leadership
WS213: Fem & Reproductive Justice
WS220: Gender and Sport
WS290F: Intro to Sexuality Studies
WS301L: Gender Based Analysis
WS301N: The Trans Agenda
WS303: Feminist Theory
WS306: Women & Social Justice
WS320: Women, Gender and Politics
WS490K: Queer Theory

The following is a list of Women & Gender Studies approved electives that will be offered during the 2024-2025 year:

AN343: Culture & Society in Latin America
CS322: Gender, Comm. & Culture
EN324: Gender and Sexuality in Canadian Literature
GS231: War, Culture & Conflict
HI390: Family Law in Greec & Rome
PP219: Feminist Philosophy
PO320: Women,Gender & Politics
RE285: African Diaspora
RE374: Religion & Sexuality
SY201: Sociology of Families
SY210: Social Inequality
SY334: Sociology of Gender
SY338: Women & Development

For a full listing of Women and Gender Studies courses, approved electives and full details of degree requirements, please visit the Women & Gender Studies Honours BA page in the undergraduate calendar.