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Requests and Appeals

The Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) at Martin Luther University College is the first level of appeal for Christian Studies and Global Citizenship students. Students from other departments should submit appeals to their home faculty. Before submitting a request to the AAC, students are encouraged to speak with both their academic advisor and their program director.

Requests to the AAC are due by the first Tuesday of the month. You will receive a response by the end of the following week. Responses are sent to your email address only.

Academic Petitions and Appeals

Before submitting an appeal, please read the guidelines and ensure that you are making your request to the appropriate faculty.

Directed Study Courses

Martin Luther University College students with unique academic interests may submit a request for a one-on-one directed study course  in consultation with the proposed instructor, as per the Policy for Directed Study Courses. Requests should be submitted at least two months in advance of the term and are due by the first Tuesday of the month.

Changing Programs

Luther students interested in changing majors or declaring a combined major with another Bachelor of Arts program may do so by submitting the Program Selection Form available through Enrolment Services. At certain times of the year, this change can also be made through LORIS.

All Other Requests

All other requests can be directed to the academic administrative committee by submitting the general petitions form along with any supporting documentation to the Luther office.