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Faculty and Staff


Hector Acero-Ferrer
Adjunct Faculty

Anne Anderson
Adjunct Faculty, Community Pastor, thirdspace_ at Luther

Brice Balmer
Professor Emeritus

Laura Benjamins
Adjunct Faculty

Marc Blainey
Adjunct Faculty

Sherry Coman
Associate Professional Faculty
Director, Centre for Spirituality and Media

Olena Darewych
Assistant Professor

Hilary Donaldson
Adjunct Faculty

Kate Harper
Assistant Professor
Director of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy Programs

Mark Harris
Currently on administrative leave
Professor of Functional Theology

Allen Jorgenson 
Professor of Systematic Theology
Assistant Dean

Florence Juma
Associate Professional Faculty

Stephen Larson
Adjunct Faculty

Debbie Lou Ludolph 
Instructor, Practical Theology
Dean of Chapel
Director, Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song

Pamela Loughton
Adjunct Faculty

Kristine Lund
Professor of Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

Laura MacGregor
Associate Professional Faculty

 Daniel Maoz 
Professor of Hebrew Scriptures
Jewish Scholar in Residence

Beth McCutcheon
Adjunct Faculty

John Milloy 
Assistant Professor of Public Ethics
Co-Director, Centre for Public Ethics
Practitioner-in-Residence (Department of Political Science)

Tom O’Connor
Instructor; Faculty Emeritus

Preston Parsons
Adjunct Faculty

David Pfrimmer 
Professor of Public Ethics Co-director, Centre for Public Ethics

Mary Philip (a.k.a. Joy)
Associate Professor, Lutheran Global Theology and Mission
Director, MDiv Program
Editor, Consensus: A Canadian Journal of Public Theology

Lauren Price
Adjunct Faculty

Christopher Ross
Adjunct Faculty

Daniel Rzondzinski 
Assistant Professor, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

Engin Sezen
Adjunct Faculty

Selda Sezen
Adjunct Faculty

Darren Schmidt 
Adjunct Faculty

Sarah Shafiq
Adjunct Faculty

Mona Tokarek LaFosse 
Assistant Professor

Rebecca Voigts Larson
Adjunct Faculty

Debbie Wang
Adjunct Faculty

Judy Wu
Adjunct Faculty

Gerard Yun
Adjunct Faculty


Anne Anderson 
Community Pastor

Dorinda Kruger Allen 
Executive Assistant to the Principal-Dean; Administrative and Events Coordinator

Neta Deonarain-Gear
Executive Director, Delton Glebe Counselling Centre

Mirko Petricevic 
Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Greg Sennema 
Martin Luther University College Librarian

Shwetha Subramanya 
Finance Manager

Aafiya Tinwala
Student Advisor and Admissions Coordinator