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Requests and Appeals

Luther's academic administrative committee (AAC) is the first level of appeal for all students taking courses at Martin Luther University College. The AAC defers some decisions to other parties. Please check the list of appeals below for the appropriate process, and have a conversation with your faculty advisor prior to submitting a request.

Requests to the AAC are due by the first Tuesday of the month. You will receive a response by the end of the following week. Responses are sent to your email address only.

The second level of appeal for graduate students is the graduate student appeals committee.

Exceptions to Course Restrictions

Course restrictions (for example, course prerequisites) which are stated in the academic calendar require the academic administrative committee’s permission to be overridden. Restrictions only appearing on LORIS, but not in the academic calendar, may be excused by contacting the program director.

Course at Another Institution

If you are interested in taking courses at Conrad Grebel University College, you may request a letter of permission no less than two months prior to the start of the term. Courses must have a comparable number of instructional hours to regular Luther courses (36 hours per term). Please submit a course syllabus with your request.

For courses at other institutions that are essential to your program, you may submit a request through the Ontario Visiting Graduate Students agreement.

Transferring Programs

Students looking to transfer programs at the same level (i.e. between master’s programs, between doctoral programs, or between diploma programs) may submit the general petitions form. All other program transfers require a complete application.

Directed Study Courses

Luther students with specific interests may request a specialized directed study course no less than two months prior to the start of the term.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Requests for transfer credit and/or advanced standing must be submitted before your first term of registration. Transfer credit can only be granted for courses which have not been used towards a completed degree. To do this, please submit general petitions form and attach all relevant syllabi.

Extension to Complete Coursework

You may request an extension to complete coursework from the instructor in accordance with the course syllabus. If approved and the extension is granted beyond the last day of the term, submit an extension to complete coursework to the program director for final approval.

Additional extension requests will be submitted to the graduate student appeals committee.

Extension of Degree Time Limits

Master’s-level students must complete their degree program within nine terms of full-time registration, or 15 terms of part-time registration. Doctoral students must complete their program within 12 terms of registration. If you believe that you will exceed this time, you should submit a request for an extension to the graduate student appeals committee.

All Other Requests

All other requests can be directed to the academic administrative committee by submitting the general petitions form along with any supporting documentation to the seminary office.