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Graduate Student Representatives

Faculty of Science Council

Graduate student representatives are selected annually to serve on the Science Faculty Council. The one-year term goes from the beginning of September to the end of August.

We select two graduate students whose names are sent to the Dean of Science office. The Senior Admininistrative Assistant there will contact them regarding a meeting, usually around the third week of September, where vacancies for the different committees will be filled.

These are the committees in the Science Faculty Council:

  1. Admissions and Student Liaison Committee
  2. Curriculum and Program Committee
  3. Nominations Committee
  4. Petitions and Regulations Committee

The Nominations Committee has the lightest workload of the committees. Admissions and Student Liaison meets perhaps twice or three times during the year; the other two committees – Curriculum and Program Committee and Petitions and Regulations Committee – meet fairly regularly, usually on a monthly basis.

Student representatives do not necessarily have to serve on a committee as part of their membership on Council.

Graduate Faculty Council

We also select a third graduate student representative to serve on the Graduate Faculty Council. This selection process begins the week after Reading Week and the selection is completed by mid-March.

Graduate representatives belonging to the Faculty of Science Council are expected to attend the Biology Departmental meetings scheduled for at least once per semester (it is not necessary that both be there – students can take turns). The graduate representative assigned to serve on the Graduate Faculty Council also serves on the Graduate Committee, attending meetings.

We appreciate the effort that student reps put into this endeavour and we encourage students to put their names forward each March to represent the Biology Graduate program and to have their voice heard.

Biology Graduate Studies Committee

The graduate studies committee for Biology is comprised of the graduate officer and two other faculty members in the department, the graduate program assistant, and one graduate student representative.