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Graduate Awards and Funding

The university has numerous opportunities for graduate students looking to secure funding for future academic studies. Funding is available through both academic achievement or financial need. If you're interested in learning about these opportunities should review the information provided by the Student Awards Office, which oversees the administration of all financial opportunities on behalf of the university.

Additionally, the university offers a program designed to assist students with money management while at university: “Dollars and Sense” is designed to help decrease financial stress and increase financial wellness.

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Graduate students should see Graduate Funding and Awards. You can also search for specific awards on LORIS.

Teaching Assistantships

The chair of Biology and the graduate officer will decide on the allocation of TA-ships to graduate students every academic year.

Once you have been assigned to TA a particular course, you should meet with the lab coordinator to discuss the duties you will be expected to fulfill. Each course will have a Teaching Assistant Job Responsibility form that you and the instructor must sign. The signed forms are to be submitted to the Biology office for the signature of the graduate program officer. The forms must be sent to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by the end of the second week of classes for payroll to be processed.

All graduate students are required to attend TA training / graduate program orientation sessions put on by the Department of Biology at the start of the fall semester.

Travel Awards

Most graduate students will have an opportunity to travel during the course of their program. In most cases the purpose of the travel will be to present results at scientific conferences. Some students may also travel to conduct research or course work. There are a number of sources of funding available to students to help offset the cost of travel.

Students should discuss sources of funds with their supervisors. Many scientific societies offer funding to students making presentations at society-sponsored meetings. Finally, the Laurier Graduate Students' Association has some funding available for students who have been unable to acquire conference travel funds from other sources. Applications for GSA funds should be made after attendance at the conference.