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Graduate Students

The Department of Biology offers a master's program in Integrative Biology. In conjunction with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, it also offers a PhD program in Biological and Chemical Sciences.

MSc in Integrative Biology

The objective of the MSc program in Integrative Biology is to provide you with a transdisciplinary approach to biological research that allows you to explore the answers to complex questions from a perspective that bridges the traditional subdisciplines of biology, across diverse taxa, over time scales ranging from short (physiological) to long (evolutionary).

The MSc in Integrative Biology is a full-time program that is normally completed in six consecutive terms. Students may begin the program in May, September or January. See the graduate program requirements for further information about completing the master's degree.

Need access to a building or lab?

If you're a graduate student, research assistant, doing a thesis, or otherwise needing access to restricted research areas or outside of regular hours, please fill out this form in consultation with your supervisor and send the completed form to:

(If accessibility version is needed, please contact:


You are reminded that email is one of the official means by which the university will communicate with you. Every Laurier student is issued an email address at initial registration. The standard format for this address is the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your Laurier ID number (e.g., Official communications from the university will be forwarded to this address. You must be prepared to access the mailbox at this address. Consult Tech Support Services for further information about your Laurier email account.

Graduate Officer

The graduate program in the Department of Biology is administered by a graduate officer, who is assisted by the departmental graduate administrative assistant. The current graduate officer is Professor Mike Wilkie(

The graduate officer is responsible, in part, for recruiting new graduate students to the department and for responding to requests from prospective students. The graduate officer is also responsible for ensuring that the regulations for the MSc degree are met, approving chairs for examinations, ranking and recommending students for scholarships and for the general conduct and operation of the graduate program.

Graduate and senior undergraduate students are welcome to approach the graduate officer at any time for clarification of rules or for advice. In the rare instance of a disagreement between a student and the supervisory committee, attempts at resolution should first be directed to the graduate officer.