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Academic Advising

Welcome students!  We are so glad that you are here! 

On this page you will find many resources to help you as you complete your degree: 


Academic advising is for all students, whether you are doing well or are facing some challenges. Advisors support and enable individual students as they design, refine and implement their academic plan.

Incoming First-Year Students

Take advantage of the information and assistance that is available online.  We know you will have lots of questions as you prepare for university and the details at Laurier 101 will help. Connect online for course registration support and to link up with classmates, staff and faculty.

Advising Appointments

Advising Office Currently all advising support is be provided via email, phone or Teams messaging. 

To make an appointment please write to

Please attach your student number to every email.

Checklists Needed for Appointments

Please come prepared to your academic advising appointment with your Student Checklist and have it filled out.  You do not need to submit it but you can use it as a reference at your appointment.  To find the Checklists please visit the main Biology MyLS page under Content/Student Progression Checklists).  If you are not a Biology student, you will not have access to these checklists and do not need one for the appointment. 

Other Advising and Support

Frequently Asked Questions