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Graduate Students

Our Master of Kinesiology (MKin) is designed with the objective of providing you with a highly integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the examination of the relationships among physical activity, health and disease in various populations

Explore your research interest and become specialized in a kinesiology sub-discipline including biomechanics, health, exercise physiology, motor control or sport psychology. The emphasis of the thesis will be based on your own interests and your adviser’s research interests within this broad framework.

This program is normally completed in six consecutive terms. You will complete three to four credits, including a master’s thesis.

To graduate, you must obtain a grade of B- in all graduate courses, with an overall average of B.

In your first year, you’ll take KP601: Seminar in Physical Activity and Health I; KP620: Statistical Reasoning and Advanced Experimental Analysis; KP622: Advanced Research Design in Human Movement, Health and Development. In your second year, you’ll take KP611: Seminar in Physical Activity and Health II.

You’ll also choose between two and three elective courses, depending on your interests and the focus of your research.

As our population ages and physical activity declines, there is a critical need for advanced researchers who can investigate and understand physical activity, sport, exercise, health and physical education. Our PhD in Kinesiology provides a highly integrated approach to scholarship, so you can follow your research passion and become expert in the field. When you complete this program, you’ll be able to engage in research and take part in the vital conversation about our nation’s health.

You’ll collaborate with faculty mentors as you conduct leading-edge research in one of our core research areas:

  • Movement science
  • Health
  • Psychology of physical activity
  • Sport development

You’ll also gain valuable experience working with a wide range of populations, from developing children to children with motor delays, from healthy older adults to those dealing with challenging disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Graduate Student Achievements

2016-2017 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Open Competition Award Recipients

  • Master's: Emily Dunn
  • Doctoral: Nicole Reinders, Michael Godfrey, Kim Jeemin

2016-2017 Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master's)

  • Brennan Petersen

Canadian Acoustical Association 2016 Alexander Graham Bell Prize in Speech Communication and Hearing

  • Sin-Tung Lau

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Office Location: BA526

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