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Spring Ceremonies 2020


All ceremonies are ticketed events and tickets can only be claimed by the graduating student.  Students must graduate with members of their faculty.  For unique exceptions, written requests may be submitted prior to May 1. Venue constraints and other variables will be taken into consideration in reviewing such requests.

Ceremony Locations

Brantford Campus ceremonies will be hosted in the Sanderson Centre, Waterloo Campus ceremonies will be hosted in Lazaridis Hall.

Students with Combined Majors

Students with combined majors will be assigned a ceremony based on their first alphabetical major.

  • Faculty of Arts: Women and Gender Studies is a combined major that will be awarded at each of the Faculty of Arts ceremonies under the first major.
  • Graduate Studies students will be aligned with the respective undergraduate programs as noted below.
  • Double degree students (BBA/BA and BBA/BSc) have the option to choose which faculty ceremony they wish to attend.

Ceremony Dates and Times

*changes to the schedule highlighted in bold below – effective March 12, 2020*

Monday, June 8

9:30 am: Science

  • PhD (Biological and Chemical Sciences)
  • MSc Biology
  • MSc Chemistry
  • Honours BSc (AWS Biology, Biochemistry & Biotech, Chemistry, Financial Math, Math)
  • BSc (same majors as above)
  • Honours BA (AWS, Biology, Biochemistry & Biotech, Chemistry, Financial Math, Math)
  • BA (same majors as above)

1:00 pm: Science

  • PhD (Psychology)
  • MSc (Psychology)
  • MA (Psychology)
  • Honours BSc (Psych)
  • BSc Psych
  • Honours BA (Psych)
  • BA Psych

Tuesday, June 9

9:30 am: Science

  • PhD (Kin)
  • MKIN
  • Honours BKin
  • BKin
  • Honours BA Kin
  • BA Kin
  • Honours BSC Kin
  • BSc Kin
1:00 pm: Science
  • MSc Math
  • MAC, MSc (Computing)
  • Honours BA (Computing, Environmental Science, Physics)
  • BA (same majors as above)
  • General BA
  • Honours BSc (Computing, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, Physics, Science)
  • BSc (same majors as above)
  • General BSc

Wednesday, June 10

9:30 am: SIPG

  • PhD (global governance)
  • MIPP


  • PhD Religious Studies
  • MA (Applied Politics, Religion, Culture and Global Justice, Sociology)
  • Honours BA (Anthropology, Canadian Studies, Global Studies, North American Studies, Political Science, Religion & Culture, Sociology)
  • BA (Same majors as above)
  • General BA (A-D)

1:00 pm: Arts

  • MA Communication Studies
  • Honours BA (Communication Studies, Cultural Studies)
  • BA (Same majors as above)
  • General BA (E-N)
4:00 pm: Arts
  • PhD (English and Film Studies, Geography, History)
  • MA (CAST, English, Geography, History, Philosophy)
  • Honours BA (Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Ancient Studies, Cultural Studies, English/ Film Studies, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Medieval St, Philosophy, All Language Programs (French, Spanish, Languages)
  • Archaeology/ Classical Studies programs (Ancient Mediterranean St, Noth American Archaeology, Near Eastern & Classical
  • BA (same majors as above)
  • General BA (O-Z)
  • MSc Geography, MES
  • Honours BSc (Geo, Geo. and Geomatics, Env. Science)
  • BSc (same majors as above)
  • General BSc

Thursday, June 11

9:30 am: Lazaridis SBE

  • PhD, MFIN
  • MBA/ MFin
  • MBA, MSc
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • UW Double Degrees, BBA/ BA, BBA/ BSc
  • BBA (A-F)
1:00 pm: Lazaridis SBE
  • BBA (G-Z)
  • Diploma in Business Administration
4:00 pm: Social Work
  • PhD, MSW

Friday, June 12

9:30 am: Education

  • MEd, Bed
  • PhD, DMin,MDiv/MSW,
  • MA/ MDiv, MDIV, MA
  • MTS/ MSW
  • GDip.SCC, GDip.SCP
  • GDip.Th
  • Honours BA
  • BA
  • MA,MMT
  • Dip. ChMusic, Dip Opera
  • BMus. BMT

1:00 pm: Lazaridis SBE

  • MA
  • Honours BA
  • BA

Friday June 5th

9:30 am: Arts

  • Honours BA 
  • BA
  • General BA

Liberal Arts

  • Honours BA
  • BA
  • General BA
  • BDes

Social Work

  • BSW

1:30 pm: Human & Social Sciences

  • MA Crim
  • MPS
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Honours BA
  • BA
  • General BA
  • Honours BASc
  • General BASc
  • Honours BFAA
  • Diploma in Crim

Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

  • Business Technology Management


  • Honours BA
  • BA
  • General BA