Eligibility and Course Load

It is important to review the eligibility criteria before you apply for OSAP, and ensure you continue remain eligible by registering for the minimum course load and meeting the minimum academic requirements for each term you are funded for.

On this page: 

OSAP vs. Laurier's Student Status Definitions

When you determine your eligibility for OSAP and before you apply for it, it's important to note the difference between OSAP's and Laurier's definitions of full-time and part-time status because this affects your eligibility.

We've broken down what full-time and part-time status means for OSAP and Laurier: 

Student Status as Defined by OSAP and Laurier


OSAP Definition

Laurier Definition

Full-Time Status

60% course load or 1.50 credits or higher.

Students with disabilities on OSAP profile: 40% or 1.00 credits or higher.

80% course load or 2.00 credits or higher. 

Part-Time Status

50% course load or 1.25 credits or less. 

Students with disabilities on OSAP profile: 30% course load or 0.75 credits.

70% course load or 1.75 credits or less. 

Eligibility Requirements

Full-Time Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

  • Meet the general requirements as per the OSAP website.
  • Registered in an OSAP-eligible program
  • Previous OSAP loans must be in good standing (i.e., you have not defaulted on a student loan and/or you are not restricted from participating in financial aid programs).
  • Academic requirements:
    • Must be designated as a full-time graduate student by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
    • Registered in a 100% course load (number of courses does not impact graduate course load or registration status). Part-time graduate students registered as having a permanent disability with OSAP can apply for full-time OSAP (considered registered in a 50% part-time course load).

Part-Time Students

Maximum Part-Time Canada Student Loan 

Your outstanding Part-time Canada Student Loan balance cannot exceed $10,000 at any time.

Once you have received this maximum amount, no further loan funding will be available.

On your application: 

  • You must indicate the correct balance of current outstanding Part-time Canada Student Loan on your part-time OSAP application each term.
  • Funding release can be delayed if information provided on your application is incorrect.

Course Load Requirements

Your course load on your OSAP application is used to indicate the number of courses or credits you’re taking:

  • Your course load is expressed as a percentage of a full course load.
  • Your funding assessment is based on the number of courses/course load you are enrolled in and the associated costs.

Calculate and Update Course Load

It is your responsibility to ensure the course load stated on your OSAP application is correct each term:

Impacts to Funding Due to Course Load Changes

Course load changes throughout the term can impact your funding assessment. Because your course costs are tied to your Laurier course load, your eligible OSAP funding can increase or decrease.

You must contact the Laurier Financial Aid Office to discuss the impacts to your OSAP funding eligibility due to course load changes. 

If you withdraw or drop below OSAP's minimum full-time course load requirement:

  • You are not eligible for full-time funding effective the date you drop to a part-time course load. 
  • Your funding will be reassessed, which can result in a large overpayment calculated. If you return to study in another term within the same academic year, your funding for the next term will be reduced by the amount of the overpayment. 
  • An OSAP Academic Progress review will be initiated to determine if you are meeting OSAP's minimum academic requirements, effective the day you reduced your course load below OSAP's minimum full-time course. 

Academic Progression 

To maintain eligibility for OSAP, you must meet OSAP's minimum academic requirements for each term that you are funded for. These requirements are assessed separately from Laurier's academic progress policies. OSAP academic progress status will not reflect your Laurier academic record. 


You are required to successfully complete a full-time course load and progress towards finishing your program to remain eligible for full-time OSAP as follows:

  • Complete your academic term in full. If you withdraw or drop to a part-time course load after receiving your full-time OSAP funds, you will be placed on OSAP academic probation effective the day you reduced your course load below the minimum requirement. 
  • Have a passing grade in a minimum full-time course load. You must achieve passing grades in at least 60% of a full course load (or 40% course load for students with disability status on their OSAP profile) for each academic term or study period you receive full-time OSAP funding.  A pass is considered a grade of D- or higher. If you fail your courses, you will be placed on OSAP academic probation effective the last day of your study period.
  • Progress in your program of study towards the completion of a degree program. Frequent and/or multiple program changes, repetition of courses, or failing to advance to the next year of your program can result in you being placed on OSAP academic probation.  

Note: A grade of CR (Credit) on your transcript will meet OSAP academic requirements. A grade of WD (Withdrawal) on your transcript is considered an incomplete course and does not meet OSAP's academic requirements.

If you fail to meet the academic progression requirements as outlined above, the following situations could happen:


To remain eligible for future part-time OSAP funding, you must successfully complete and pass all courses included on your application for funding through part-time OSAP. A pass is considered a grade of a D- or higher.

If you do not successfully complete and pass your course(s) in a term, you must self-fund and successfully complete and pass the self-funded course(s) for one term before you can be eligible for further part-time OSAP funding.

If you have previously received part-time OSAP funding (for a 50% course load or less):

  • An unofficial transcript (i.e. a copy of your unofficial record of course work from LORIS showing your grades) must be uploaded as a required document to any new part-time OSAP applications to show successful completion of all courses from your previous part-time OSAP funded term.
  • All submitted documentation is reviewed in the date order received and may take two to three weeks for processing in peak periods.
  • If a previous term transcript is required on your application, it is recommended that you pay your school fees to Laurier by the original invoice due date because previous term grades may not be available prior to the start of classes which could delay your assessment and release of funding.