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First-year students should use the list of first-year course offerings to make a list of electives you are interested in. Once you have an idea of what you would like to take, use the Visual Schedule Builder to find the day and time the course is offered. Returning students should refer to the Visual Schedule Builder.

What is a Non-Program Elective?

Non-program elective courses are the classes outside those from your chosen program of study. In all degree programs, you must take non-program electives to graduate; this may range anywhere from 4.0-10.0 total credits, depending on your program. Non-program elective courses can be from almost any other program at Laurier, even outside of your faculty. Note: you may have program elective choices within your major.

How do I Choose an Elective?

Think about areas of study that you are interested in (beyond your major). You should think about what your passions are outside of the classroom and see if there are electives that would allow you to learn more about these topics. You should think about electives that complement your program/major. For example, if a Political Science major was passionate about learning how society functions, he or she may want to take electives in Sociology, North American Studies or Global Studies.

Can an Advisor Choose my Electives?

Your academic advisor cannot choose your electives for you, as you know best what topics interest you. However, your academic advisor may offer suggestions once you determine the areas/programs you are interested in. Your academic advisor cannot provide a list of "easy" electives; courses will be "easier" when they are enjoyable! What is easy for one student might be very difficult for another, based on aptitude and ability (e.g. Physics might come easily for some students, while other students would perform better in an English course).  If you look forward to reading, researching and writing about a topic you will find much more success in the course.  Register early to avoid disappointment.

How Can I Use my Elective Courses?

Working toward earning a minor or an option is a great way to use your elective courses. Minors typically require 3.0 total credits and are available in almost every program at Laurier (for example, you can do an Economics or Psychology minor). Options typically require 4.0-5.0 total credits and are more like a theme-based minor in topics like Community Engagement, Legal Studies and Management.