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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries


A scholarship is granted on a competitive basis for outstanding academic achievement. 

Entrance scholarships are granted automatically and are available to students who are entering Year 1 of any undergraduate program. Full-time undergraduate students are automatically eligible for in-course scholarships based on recorded marks, with no application necessary. 

Competitive scholarships are available through application and are granted for outstanding academic achievement with factors such as extracurricular activities or volunteer work considered. Financial need is not a consideration.


An award is granted on a competitive basis for a combination of academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteer work or involvement in campus sports or clubs. Awards always require the submission of an application form and recipients of awards must demonstrate financial need.


bursary is a monetary gift based on demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic achievement. Bursaries do not have to be paid back to the university.


Laurier’s Student Awards office is responsible for the administration of financial assistance and award programs for all students and offer a number of options to help you finance your education. 

The Student Awards office will contact you through your MyLaurier e-mail address.