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Student Computer Accounts and Passwords

MyLaurier Email

When you are accepted to Laurier, a student email is automatically created for you. You do not need to create an email.

What is my Laurier username and password?

Your Laurier username is the first four letters of your last name followed the last four digits of your student number. When logging in, do not append "" to the end of your username. If you have never changed your Laurier password before, then your default password is your date if birth in the format of MMDDYYYY.

Laurier Webmail

You can access your student webmail at

Password Reset Form

Need help resetting your password? If so, complete our password reset form

Logging in to Email

  • Go to
  • Enter your Laurier email address
  • Click “Next”
  • Enter your Laurier password
  • Click “Sign in”


You can access MyLearningSpace by going to

For all MyLearningSpace-related issues, email


Guidelines to Password Selection and Maintenance

The purpose of passwords is to prevent unauthorized people from accessing user accounts and the system in general. The basic selection principle is that passwords should be easy to remember but hard to guess or crack. Even if you feel that you do not have anything important on your account, you should be aware that getting onto a system via any account is the first step for unauthorized system access. The account that opens the door may not be of interest except as a point to launch an attack on the system in general. Your password is the primary defence against unauthorized access to both your private information and that of the university.