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Your password is the primary defence against unauthorized access to both your private information and that of the university.

To support a more secure Laurier, ICT has enabled a new self-service password reset process for students, faculty, and staff. We are making it easier than ever for you to recover your password if you ever forget it.

You can now reset, unlock or change your password without contacting us by using the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool. It can be done from any device, at any time, and from any location.

Register for Self-Service Password Reset

  1. Register for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR).
  2. Use your Laurier username and password to complete the sign-up process.

If you are experiencing issues with setting up SSPR:

Reset Your Password

You can reset your password two ways:

SSPR Video Resources

Watch the How to Register for Self-Service Password Reset using SM video below:

Watch the How to Register for Self Service Password Reset with Two Step Verification video below:

Guidelines to Password Selection and Maintenance

Passwords prevent unauthorized people from accessing user accounts and the system in general. They should be easy to remember but hard to guess or crack.

Even if you feel that you do not have anything important on your account, you should be aware that the account that opens the door may not be of interest except as a point to launch an attack on the system in general.

Below are some guidelines to help you in selecting and maintaining your passwords.