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Race, Ethnicity and Culture Services and Support

Find support related to race, ethnicity and culture through personal support and education. Our student services offer safer spaces for students (and their allies) who identify with these groups: 

Black Student Services and Associations

Our student services for Black students aims to inform and empower the Black community at Laurier.

Middle Eastern Students Association (Brantford)

The Middle Eastern Association (M.E.A.) is a student service under the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion that strives to provide education, peer support, and a safe(r) space for those in the Middle Eastern diaspora, including those from Southwest Asia and North Africa. The M.E.A.’s mission is to provide S.W.A.N.A. students with a space to explore their varying identities, appreciate their cultures, and engage in respectful discussion regarding the Middle East’s political climate.

Our work seeks to address systemic barriers experienced by students from the S.W.A.N.A. diaspora and engage the Laurier Brantford campus in meaningful dialogue by facilitating discussion groups, forums, workshops, social activities, networking sessions, and awareness campaigns. Our vision is to support inclusion through intersectional discourses that educate the Laurier Brantford community about our rich and diverse heritage.