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Exam Support

Adapting your academic habits to thrive in remote courses means preparing for online tests and exams, too! Whether this is your first time in a course with a take-home or online test, or if you have experienced dozens of these over the course of your degree, it’s always good to brush up on what’s expected – and what supports are available – for exams delivered in the remote learning environment.

Preparing for Any Online Exam

Set yourself up for success in your online or take-home exam! If you’re in a course that includes an online or take-home test, review the reminders, tips and resources available to help you prepare for these exam formats in the most productive and efficient ways possible:

Preparing for an Exam Using Respondus  

Now that you’ve reviewed your syllabus and know what types of assessments your instructors have selected this term, you know if you have any courses with proctored online exams using Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor.

If you know your exam requires the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor, review some of the most frequently asked questions below to get familiar with the platform before you write your exam:

Accessible Learning Exam Support

Students registered with Accessible Learning at Laurier will continue to have access to the same accommodations and supports for online quizzes, tests, or final exams they would receive if writing an in-class midterm or final. Review the following information if you are currently registered with Accessible Learning and need some guidance:

Time Zone Accommodations

In accordance with guiding principles for spring, summer, intersession and fall term 2021 course delivery and a supplementary statement for Policy 7.6, instructors must make arrangements for students in different time zones to access course content. Exams and assessments are part of the course and fall within this policy and guiding principles.