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Getting the Most From Your Co-Curricular Record

You can use your Co-Curricular Record to help you apply for and interview for jobs, other co-curricular positions, or graduate school. Your CCR helps you keep track of what you have done and how much time you committed to it. Further, it gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your learning outcomes and learning achievements, as well as suggesting the language to effectively talk about them.

Co-Curricular Record Websites

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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes appear on the printed version of your individual Co-Curricular Record as well as online. You identify them yourself to reflect your individual learning resulting from your involvement experiences.

Learning outcomes are overarching categories that can be likened to transferable skills and encourage meaningful learning as a result of student involvement. Examples include:

  • collaboration
  • effective communication
  • leadership

Learning Achievements

Learning achievements fall under the overarching learning outcomes. They help you more specifically communicate what you have learned through your individual experiences. They do not appear on the printed version but you can view them online. You can incorporate the language into your resumé and use them as speaking points in job interviews. Examples include:

  • Exhibits effective listening skills (under “collaboration”).
  • Writes and speaks after reflection (under “effective communication”).
  • Serves in leadership capacity (under “leadership”).

How to Use Your Co-Curricular Record On Your Resumé

  • Add relevant CCR positions to your “experience” or “volunteer experience” section.
  • Use your own version of the position description to describe what you did.
  • Use learning outcomes in the “skills” section.
  • If permitted, attach your CCR directly to your resumé.

How to Use Your Co-Curricular Record in an Interview

  • Bring your CCR to your interview.
  • Use it as a reference to draw upon your experiences.
  • Use the language to clearly explain what you did and how it’s relevant to the position you’re applying for.
    • Example: “My time as a Foot Patrol volunteer taught me effective communication because I often made conversation with customers and I had to work with a partner on every shift.”

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