Accessible Learning

Accessible Learning supports students with disabilities (or suspected disabilities) with equitable access to the learning environment.

We are committed to providing services and supports that honour the multiple identities that students bring with them to Laurier.



  1. Review documentation requirements.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Meet your accommodation consultant
  4. Review GOAL resources.

Manage Your Accommodations

Before using your accommodations, you must first activate them.

  1. Activate your accommodations
  2. Book your exams
  3. Manage your other accommodations.


Registration: Nov. 3, 2023.

Midterm, quiz & test bookings: 10 full business days before exam date.

Final exam bookings: Nov. 17, 2023.

Note-taking: Beginning of each term.

What You Need to Know

Exam Protocols

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Become a Note Taker

Sign Up for the Monthly Newsletter

Share Your Feedback

Become a Note Taker

Students doing group work.

Get Involved

Get involved with the Laurier community by helping fellow students. You can volunteer in the following roles to help students who are registered with Accessible Learning: 

  • Note-taking: Take lecture notes and submit them for your classmates that will need them.
  • Peer support: Coordinate programs, initiate projects and support Accessible Learning students.

Throughout the year, there may be research projects that seek participants who are students with disabilities. Connect with the project if you are interested in participating.

Connect with Us

P: 548.889.3514

See our Contacts and Feedback page for our office hours and location.