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Using Your Accommodations

Below, we walk you through how to use your academic accommodations including: 

  Activate Your Accommodations

You cannot use your accommodations unless you activate them first. Activation involves selecting the courses in which you want to use your accommodations.

If your accommodation plan includes exam, alternate format or notetaking, review the information below.

Exam Accommodations

If you want to access your accommodations for any in-person exams, you must complete the following steps in Accessible Learning Online:

  1. Activate your accommodations 
  2. Book your exams on or before posted exam deadlines*
  3. Check your exam location and start time

Note: "Exam" refers to all timed assessments including quizzes, tests, midterms, and final exams.

Online Exams:  You do not need to book exam accommodations for fully online exams.  

Have questions about using your exam accommodations?  Email us at

Booking Exams

Exam Types

Rescheduled Exams

Accessible Learning schedules exams, midterms, tests, and finals for the same date and time as they are scheduled for other students in the course, or to the next available exam time slot based on the student's accommodation plan and/or available resources.

Accessible Learning will not customize exam schedules for students based on class and lab schedules, personal obligations, or reasons not related to their disability-related accommodation needs

Alternate Format

The information below applies to you only if your accommodation and support plan includes use of alternate format for reading.

Have questions about using your alternate format accommodations?  Email us at


Note Taking Support

If your plan includes note-taking, review the information below.

Have questions about using your note-taking accommodation?  Email us at

Adaptive Technology

You can access assistive technology (AT) labs and services once you register with Accessible Learning.  

Our AT services includes: 

  • Demonstrating equipment and software that support your access or help with academic tasks
  • Tutorials and tips on using software and devices, including mainstream applications
  • Technical help with assistive technology
  • Equipment and software lending library