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Registration Webinars

Course registration can be a confusing first step in your preparation for Laurier. Between required courses, electives, labs and tutorials, there are a lot of options to consider when creating your first university class schedule. Our Laurier 101 course registration webinars will guide you through the process of reviewing your program requirements, evaluating your elective options and developing a class schedule that works for you. Recordings of each webinar are posted below one business day after their occurrence. 

Registration webinars are scheduled by *Faculty and include:

  • Program and faculty-specific information (what courses are required and when you should take them);
  • An introduction to the Course Registration Guide;
  • A demonstration of how to use the Visual Schedule Builder;
  • A demonstration of how to complete your registration on LORIS; and
  • An overview of common LORIS errors

*If you are in a double-degree program in the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics (LSBE), view the LSBE webinar. Students studying in Geography or Environmental Studies program should view the Faculty of Science webinar. Students in a double-major with BA Policing should view the webinar for your additional program major. If you are in a different double-major program or are unsure of which webinar to view, please contact us at

Incoming Student Course Registration Webinars

Course registration for first-year students starting Fall 2023 opened on June 20 at 3 p.m. 

Brantford Campus and Online Campus Program Webinars 

All Brantford and Online Programs: June 8 Recording

Waterloo Campus Program Webinars 

Transfer Student Webinar

This webinar will guide you through the unique processes of registration with transfer credits. You are highly encouraged to view your faculty-specific course registration webinar first, and then view this Transfer Student Webinar for additional details.

For any registration troubleshooting questions, please email us from your student email and include your full name, 9-digit student ID number, and screenshots if applicable, and we will get back to you shortly. If you need an accommodation for registration support or need an accessible version of any webinar recording, please contact us at

Indigenous Student Course Registration Support

The Indigenous Student Support Team is here to support students with understanding the course registration process! Students are encouraged to attend their faculty's course registration webinar or view the recording above before joining course registration support drop-in hours. Students are welcome to drop into the support hours at any time and stay as long or as little as they need. Have any questions about our drop-in events or Indigenous student supports? Email Use this link to drop into any of the times below. No registration required. Remaining registration hours: 

  • Wednesday, June 28 from 5-6:30 p.m.