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Student Associations

Faculty of Music Students' Association (FOMSA)

The Faculty of Music Students’ Association is a team of music students created to represent and speak on behalf of the undergraduate student population. Their aim is to connect the faculty to their students, as well as the students to their student union. FOMSA works closely with the faculty to enact change on behalf of the student body and represent all programs and pathways in major faculty decisions. The External President is elected each year by the undergraduate students, whereas the Internal President and Executive Team are hired annually. This committee organizes academic and social events for all undergraduate music students such as the annual FOMSA Formal, coffeehouses, talent shows, movie nights, games nights, and more.

You can stay up to date with FOMSA events and information by following @wlufomsa on instagram, or the wlufomsa facebook page!

Association for Music Creators (AMC)

The Laurier Association for Music Creators (AMC) is a club open to all Laurier students interested in creating music. We welcome composers, singer songwriters, performers, beat makers, improvisers, bedroom producers, and many more! First founded in 2009 as the Composers’ and Improvisers Association (CIA), AMC is dedicated to providing students with music creation resources, performance opportunities, and the support of the community.

AMC runs socials and jam nights, as well as workshops with local professionals in the music industry. You can find them on Spotify with their “Happening at Laurier” playlist featuring Laurier student and alumni artists, as well as their podcast interviewing graduating student composers.

AMC also organizes FIRE, the Free Improv Renegade Ensemble. FIRE is a student lead ensemble open to musicians of all skill levels looking to explore their instrument through free improv. The ensemble is low-commitment and meets once a week, occasionally performing at student composer concerts.

For more details about AMC or FIRE including relevant links and meeting times, check out the AMC Instagram or Facebook page.

Student Association for Music Educators (SAME)

Student Association for Music Educators (SAME, pronounced SAM-E) is a student branch of the Ontario Music Educators Association (OMEA). The association is comprised of students at Laurier who are interested in the future and survival of music education in Canada.

SAME organizes various clinics, seminars, workshops and trips to hear some of the finest music educators in our province. These allow students, the future teachers, to broaden and develop their understanding of the numerous possibilities that are in their chosen profession. SAME encourages all interested students to participate in their association so that you can share your interests. They can create clinics, seminars, and workshops that will give everyone learning experiences.

Laurier Acapella Association (LAA)

The Laurier Acapella Association (LAA) is made up of over 30 students from different faculties, years, and majors, brought together by our love of music and singing. LAA consists of two groups, Noteworthy and Hawkapella, bringing genres such as pop, rock, alternative, etc. to the world of acapella, through the creative arrangements of our members.

We have performed in a variety of competitions and showcases across Ontario including venues in Kingston, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and locally in the KW Region. We produce award-winning acapella groups, placing first in the North Metro Youth Acapella Challenge and second at the Queen’s University Acapella Competition. We have participated in the International Collegiate Championship of Acapella (ICCAs) and can’t wait to return this year!

Laurier Ancient Music Society (LAMS)

The Laurier Ancient Music Society (LAMS) is a student group dedicated to the study, appreciation, archaeology and revival of ancient musics.

LAMS offers workshops, seminars and lectures on topics related to ancient music, historically informed performance (HIP), historical instruments and historical improvisation. LAMS events are intended to increase awareness of past musical practices, as well as provide musical reinforcement and enrichment opportunities in concordance with Laurier’s skills, theory and history curricula.

Laurier Brass Ensemble

The Laurier Brass Ensemble is very excited to be performing again this year! We are a student-run ensemble made up of Brass and Percussion instruments. Brass Ensemble is a great way to meet fellow Brass (and Percussion) players while getting to rehearse and perform lots of exciting pieces! Rehearsals will be every Friday afternoon at 3:30pm and there will be one concert each semester.

One of the most unique aspects of Brass Ensemble is that the rehearsals are run and pieces are conducted by students. Not only are there performance opportunities, but there is also the chance to try your hand at conducting! While the Ensemble is made up primarily of Music students, non-Music students are very welcome to join. If you are interested in joining the Laurier Brass Ensemble, please send an email to with your name, year, major, and instrument. We hope to see many of you this year!

Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA)

Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA) is open to all music therapy students and all other students interested in music therapy.

MTSA’s foremost goal is to promote music therapy as a profession and encourage further education for anyone interested in music therapy within the university and the surrounding community. MTSA also provides educational opportunities and resources to members.

MTSA organizes mock auditions and interviews in early January for second-year students auditioning for the Bachelor of Music Therapy program. Each term, information seminars are held for anyone wishing to learn more about music therapy and the music therapy program at Laurier.

Fundraising projects and auctions allow members to raise money for local music therapy sites. The proceeds help purchase small instruments and other necessities to support the organization.


Students for the National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS)

Students for the National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS) was created as Laurier’s student chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) to prepare aspiring vocal teachers and musicians for life after Laurier.

By hosting informative events regarding vocal health, technique, and pedagogy, we hope to supplement students’ education at Laurier and ensure they are successful in their career-related goals. To get involved or find out more about SNATS, check out our Instagram, @wlusnats.