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Student Associations

Wilfrid Laurier University Music Association

Wilfrid Laurier University Music Association (WLUMA) is a committee of students elected to represent the student body. This committee organizes social activities for music students such as movie nights, talent shows, trips to concerts and operas and the spring Music Formal.

This group of energetic students brings student problems, grievances, and suggestions for change to the attention of the dean’s office. For this purpose, the dean each year requests WLUMA to provide a list of students representing the various programs, performance areas, and years, to constitute a dean’s student advisory council called the Music Students’ Representational Council (MSRC).

WLUMA holds elections for executive positions in early March. In September, elections are held for a first-year representative and to fill any remaining positions.

Music Therapy Student Association

Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA) is open to all music therapy students and to all other students with an interest in music therapy.

MTSA’s foremost goal is to promote music therapy as a profession and to encourage further education for anyone interested in music therapy within both the university and surrounding community.

MTSA organizes mock auditions and interviews in early January for second year students who are auditioning for the third year music therapy program. Each term, information seminars are held for anyone wishing to learn more about music therapy and the music therapy program at Laurier.

Fund-raising projects, including bake sales in the concourse and selling Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund calendars, help to support students attending the Annual National Conference of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy as well as the Annual General Meeting of the Music Therapy Association of Ontario.

Student Association for Music Educators (SAME)

Student Association for Music Educators (SAME, pronounced SAM-E) is a student branch of the Ontario Music Educators Association (OMEA). The association is comprised of students at Laurier who are interested in the future and survival of music education in Canada.

SAME organizes various clinics, seminars, workshops and trips to hear some of the finest music educators in our province. These allow students, the future teachers, to broaden and develop their understanding of the numerous possibilities that are in their chosen profession. SAME encourages all interested students to participate in their association so that you can share your interests. They can create clinics, seminars, and workshops that will give everyone learning experiences.

Composers’ and Improvisers’ Association (CIA)

The Composers’ and Improvisers’ Association (CIA) was founded in 2009 to benefit the composition and improvisation students at Laurier. In its exciting inaugural year, the CIA ran a number of concerts on-campus and at local venues (Maxwell’s Music House, the Button Factory, and the KWCMS Music Room), helping its members to gain exposure to the wider community, as well as valuable experience in the production and marketing of concerts and events.

Other initiatives include a Directory of Performers, socials (Jam Night, post-concert celebrations and performer appreciation events), “Impromptu Improvisations” across campus, and a weekly show on Radio Laurier.

In addition to continuing and improving on past endeavours, the CIA continues to create a library of scores, recordings and other resources, as well as hold field trips to New Music Concerts and the Canadian Music Centre. It is the CIA's goal through these activities to enhance the education of composition and improvisation students at Laurier.