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Policies and Petitions

Faculty of Music Policies and Petitions

Additional Undergraduate Policies

Regulations governing all Music programs can be found on the academic calendar, including:

  • Temporary withdrawal
  • Ensemble policy
  • Policy on credit for outside ensemble
  • Studio policy regarding progression from half hour lessons progression
  • Policy concerning academic probation/program withdrawal/re-audition
  • Post-Degree regulation
  • Aegrotat standing policy

Instrument Rentals

Instruments for Instrumental Techniques Courses

In most cases, instrumental rentals will be made with Long & McQuade. Rental of music instruments may cost between $25 and $300 per six-week period per instrument. If you have your own instrument and it is satisfactory to the instructor, you may use it and no rental fee will be charged. You will be notified as to the time and location for instrument pick-up. You must have an instrument for the first class.

Use of Faculty Instruments

A student who wishes to use an instrument owned by the Faculty of Music will be charged a rental fee of $50 per term, except when the student has been assigned to play a special instrument (e.g., the bass clarinet owned by the Faculty of Music) in the WLU Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra or other approved ensembles. Students renting instruments must leave a damage-deposit cheque up to $100, depending on the instrument, refundable when the instrument is returned in satisfactory condition. Note: the cheque will be held, uncashed, and returned when the instrument is returned in satisfactory condition.

Please see Andrew Mellanby in A508 if you are assigned a faculty-owned instrument.

Music Resources

Supplies and Books

Texts, score paper, and stationery supplies may be purchased from the Laurier Bookstore in the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. Lists of required books for courses are posted on the bookstore website.

Note: the Music office cannot supply students with paper clips, scotch tape, staplers, etc.


Copyright regulations allow students to make one photocopy for their own use, but photocopying music under copyright is illegal.

Students are not permitted to bring photocopied music to rehearsals, performances or juries.

Students may use their OneCard with most campus photocopiers. The Faculty of Music’s photocopier is not available for student use and staff will not copy music for you. Photocopying service is available in The Hub. There are also a number of print shops in the immediate area that can handle more photocopying jobs at a reasonable price. You may not depend on anyone in the Faculty of Music to make photocopies for you. Please plan ahead!

Main Library and Music Ensemble Collection

There will be tours of the Laurier Library during Orientation Week and the first two weeks of classes. The Library also offers classes that will be helpful to all students who use the Library.

All musical scores and music for one or two performers are located on the fourth floor of the Library, which is also the location of the Music Ensemble Collection. As soon as you can, acquaint yourself with the different categories of scores that are located on the stacks. In addition to the scores arranged by medium (string quartets, songs, symphonies), there are collections of the complete works of selected composers (e.g. Chopin, Wagner, Bach, Haydn, Palestrina, Schoenberg, etc.). There are also books on harmony, theory, performance, composers, etc. located on this floor. The orchestral, wind orchestra music, chamber music (uncatalogued), and opera scores are in the main Library.

Ensemble members will be assigned a specific part and it will be their responsibility to sign out the music from the Music Ensemble Collection and return it on time. Recordings are in the reserve section on the main floor. Recordings are for use in the library only, and for limited periods of time. Make special note of the reserve desk hours as they differ from the main Library hours.