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Awards and Funding

The university has numerous opportunities for undergraduate students looking to secure funding for future academic studies. Funding is available through both academic achievement or financial need. Students who are interested in learning about these opportunities should review the information provided by the Student Awards Office, which oversees the administration of all financial opportunities on behalf of the university.

Additionally, the university offers a program designed to assist students with money management while at university: “Dollars and Sense” is designed to help decrease financial stress and increase financial wellness.

Instructional/Research Assistantships

Instructional Assistantships

We typically hire instructional assistants (IAs) to assist teaching assistants (TAs) in the labs and tutorials each term. These positions are determined by the lab coordinators.


If you are interested, complete the appropriate Instructional Assistant Application. Please be patient and only send in one form as many are received.


  • Fall term: July 31
  • Winter term: Nov. 15
  • Spring/Summer: April 15

Research Assistantships

Research assistantship agreements are made between the faculty member and student and normally comes about as a result of students being in one or many of the faculty member’s courses. You may begin by volunteering in the faculty member’s lab, which can lead to a paid research position.