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Undergraduate Students

Be ready for the real world with mathematics – an evolving subject that is often used to solve problems from the sciences, the arts and business. We provide you with training in mathematics to analyze complex problems in organizations and enterprises.

Our Programming

Our undergraduate programming in the Department of Mathematics includes the following:

  • Honours BSc Mathematics
  • Honours BSc Mathematics and Data Analytics
  • Honours BSc Financial Mathematics
  • Honours BSc Financial Mathematics and Analytics
  • Honours BSc Biology and Mathematics
  • Honours BSc Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Honours BSc Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Honours BSc Data Science
  • Honours BA Mathematics
  • Honours BA Mathematics in Combination with another Honours BA Program
  • Honours BA Financial Mathematics
  • Honours BA Financial Mathematics and Analytics
  • Honours BA Financial Mathematics and Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Honours BA Financial Mathematics and Analytics and Honours Bechelor of Business Administration 
  • Honours BA Mathematics with Finance and Accounting Option

Concentrate Your Studies

You can also select elective courses in mathematics and statistics within six optional concentrations:

  • Analysis and Geometry
  • Discrete Mathematics and Algebra
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Financial Mathematics and Risk Management
  • Computational Finance

Your Academic Support

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between you and your academic advisor. Academic advising is available to all Faculty of Science students. Regular contact with an academic advisor, individuals who can assist you with developing and achieving meaningful educational and career goals, is recommended.