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Graduate Students

The Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics is designed to bring together modern applicable mathematics with the skills needed to develop and analyze mathematical models. Courses are based on the mathematics fundamental to advanced models in modern finance and science applications. A compulsory seminar develops a number of models arising from different areas, so that students develop the skills to recognize underlying mathematical principles in the context of widely different problems.

Laurier's Department of Mathematics, with its research-focused faculty, has much to offer our graduate students. Our unique MSc program in Mathematics is a unique blend of pure and applied mathematics, offering practical experience in applications in science, finance, and mathematical modelling for new technologies.

One of the main goals of the program is to provide graduates with strong skills applicable across many disciplines. Research experience through a thesis or project provides students with the opportunity to examine modern problems in depth. With a Laurier MSc, our students will have excellent employment opportunities in industry and financial institutions in North America and around the world. They will also gain background knowledge to continue their studies towards a PhD.


Role of the Graduate Coordinator

The graduate program in the Department of Mathematics is administered by the graduate coordinator. The graduate coordinator is responsible, in part, for recruiting new graduate students to the department and for responding to requests from prospective students. The graduate officer is also responsible for ensuring that the regulations for the MSc degree are met, approving Chairs of thesis defences, ranking and recommending students for scholarships and for the general conduct and operation of the graduate program.

Graduate and senior undergraduate students are welcome to approach the graduate coordinator at any time for clarification of rules or for advice. In the rare instance of a disagreement between a student and the supervisory committee, attempts at resolution should first be directed to the graduate coordinator. The graduate coordinator will also be responsible for ensuring that Graduate Teaching Assistants work their assigned number of hours and do not exceed that number of hours.


If you enter the graduate program in January, a timeline for completion of the thesis or project will be based on shifting the requirements and the timelines set out for students starting in the fall.

If you change from one stream to the other, an individualized timeline must be worked out with the student, advisor, and graduate officer. Changing streams may lead to a longer time to completion.

Vacation Time

We recognize that vacation time is essential for students and faculty, regardless of the stream or the time of admission. Inclusion of such time is subject to discussion with the advisor.

Extended Leaves of Absence

It may become necessary for a student or a faculty member to be absent from campus for an extended time. To the extent possible, arrangements for such leaves, along with the modified plan to complete degree requirements, should be made as far in advance as possible, with the advisor/supervisor and graduate coordinator.

Unaccounted Absence

Failure to keep appointments with the advisor/supervisor or the committee, or to carry out required teaching assistantship duties carry serious consequences. If you must be away, adequate reasons must be given to the advisor and conveyed to the graduate coordinator.