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Academic Requirements

To maintain eligibility for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) you must meet OSAP’s minimum academic requirements for each term that you are funded for.

Academic Progress Assessment

When assessing your academic progress, OSAP considers the following criteria:

Have you completed each term in full?

While receiving full-time OSAP funding, the ministry expects you to complete the minimum required course load for full-time studies in each term (60% or higher, or with Permanent Disability status registered with OSAP 40% or higher). If you withdraw or drop to part-time studies after receiving your funds you will be placed on OSAP academic probation, effective the day you reduced your course load below the minimum requirement. If you are enrolled in full-time studies for the fall and winter terms your academic progress may be averaged across both terms.

Have you achieved a D grade or higher in the minimum required course load each term?

The ministry also expects you to achieve a minimum D grade (1.00 Laurier grade point) in courses taken during your funded study period. Failure to the required passing grades in the minimum required course load will result in you being placed on academic probation effective the last day of your study period.

Are you progressing in your program of study?

The ministry expects that while you are in receipt of OSAP funding you are working towards the completion of a degree program. Frequent and/or multiple program changes, repetition of courses, or failing to advance to the next year of your program can result in you being placed on OSAP academic probation.

OSAP Academic Probation

If you fail to meet these minimum academic requirements during a full-time OSAP funded study period, the ministry will place you on OSAP academic probation for one academic year. During this probation time you are still eligible to receive OSAP funding, however, before your funding can be released, you will be required to submit an Academic Progress Letter to the Financial Aid Office. This will be displayed as a required document on your OSAP account, called a Proof of Academic Progress letter. All required documents must be submitted no later than 40 days before the end of your study period.

Academic Progress Letter Requirements

Your Proof of Academic Progress letter must outline:

  • The circumstances that affected your academic performance during your most recent academic year;
  • The steps you will take during your probationary period to improve your academic progress; and
  • A description of your academic goals.

This letter must include the date written and your signature. If you were placed on academic probation by another postsecondary institution you will also be required to submit your transcripts from your previous school (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).

OSAP Academic Restriction

If you fail to meet these minimum full-time OSAP academic requirements for a second academic year after your OSAP academic probation you will be placed on an OSAP academic restriction and will be ineligible to receive OSAP for a notified period of time.