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Youth in Extended Society Care Tuition Bursary

Students with experience in extended society care may be eligible for bursary support to cover tuition fees when studying at Laurier. Tuition bursaries are available for up to 20 eligible undergraduate students each year.

The tuition bursary is valued at the total amount of tuition fees, minus any OSAP non-repayable grant funding and/or any other government funding for which the student may be eligible.

Priority will be given to first degree, first time applicants. Students may be required to re-apply for the Extended Society Care Tuition Bursary each year.


The following is the criteria for eligibility. If you do not meet these criteria, you are encouraged to still apply and connect with a financial aid specialist to discuss alternate funding opportunities.

  • Will or have aged out of extended society care in Ontario (not publicly adopted) with a minimum of one year in extended society care (includes Customary Care Agreements and Voluntary Youth Service Agreements).
  • Must be eligible for full-time funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Note full-time OSAP application requires a minimum 1.5 credits or three courses per term.
  • Must receive an offer of admission to a Laurier undergraduate program.

Application Process

1. Apply to an undergraduate program at Laurier through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre.

2. Self-identify as a youth in extended society care using the Learners from Care application form by July, 15, 2021. Must include a letter from Children’s Aid Society to confirm minimum one-year care experience.

3. Complete an OSAP application with all required documents including the OSAP Verification of Status with Ontario Children’s Aid Society form (PDF).

4. Book an appointment with a Financial Literacy Specialist to confirm completion of the application process and maximize your funding opportunities.

Supporting Our Learners from Care

Being a Golden Hawk means being a part of a community that encourages you to study hard, get involved, and inspire lives. Find additional support and resources on our Supporting Learners from Care page.