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Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking Spaces

Accessible parking spaces are available in numerous visitor and permit parking locations throughout campus: Lots 1, 2, 3A, 7, 9 (west), 10, 11, 12, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 34, 37 and 42. Please refer to a campus map for these locations. These spaces are clearly identified by the Ministry of Transportation symbol on a posted sign and/or marked pavement. Day parking fees can be paid via Honk Mobile app using zone 3510A.

Note that parking in an accessible space on Laurier property without the proper permit(s) visibly displayed will result in a ticket and/or tow. A valid Laurier permit along with a valid Ministry of Transportation issued accessible permit is required in order to park in any of the accessible spaces on campus.

Regular short-term or permit parking fees apply.

Temporary Accessible Parking Permits

Temporary accessible parking permits may be issued by Parking and Transportation Resources when there is a need for short-term accessible parking.

Temporary parking permits may be issued by Parking and Transportation Resources when supporting medical documentation is provided to the Accessible Learning Centre. Permits will be issued for a minimum of one day to a maximum of four months. These permits are valid in any accessible space on campus even if they do not correspond with your regular Laurier permit (i.e. if you have a white permit).

If you do not already hold a Laurier parking permit, you will have to pay a fee, payable by cheque, debit or credit at the Parking and Transportation Resources Office only.

For periods longer than four months, you will require a Ministry of Transportation-issued permit. Special circumstances around an extended period requiring an accessible permit will be determined by the Accessible Learning Centre, again with supporting medical documentation.

The Accessible Learning Centre is located in the Arts Building, Room 1C11, and can be reached at 519.884.0710 x3086.

There are accessible parking spots available for those who display an accessible parking permit in addition to their Brantford Campus parking permit. On campus accessible parking spaces are located in the following parking lots: Post House, Charlotte and Expositor parking garage.

The City of Brantford also has a number of options downtown for accessible parking including on-street parking and accessible parking spots in the municipal parking lots. A person with a valid accessible parking permit, fully displayed is not required to pay for parking in the Brantford's municipal parking lots.

There are two designated accessible parking spaces in the College Street lot (Social Work campus) you must display a valid MTO issued accessible parking permit along with a valid WLU parking permit or a WLU issued temporary accessible parking permit in order to utilize these spaces. Also, the College Street entrance is wheelchair-accessible. Students who require temporary accessible parking must make arrangements with the Accessible Learning office on the Waterloo campus.

See the City of Kitchener website for a full list of municipally operated parking lots including information about which lots have accessible spaces.