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Student Parking Permits

For all types of parking permits available to students, see Parking Fees for pricing.

If you are a student with a permanent or temporary accessible need, see additional information at Accessible Parking.

If you normally carpool with at least one other Laurier student, staff or faculty member, see Carpool Permits.

If you have any type of parking permit and change the vehicle you drive, you will need to update your vehicle information at  Please do not register rental vehicles, if you have a rental vehicle short term please call/email the Parking office.

Non-Residence Students

Non-Residence(white) parking permits are available online! To assist with the post -pandemic return to campus we are offering both 8 month(Sept - April) and 4 month(January - April) parking permits. 

*Please ensure when applying you choose the correct length of permit as well as the term you are looking for. You will need to have a confirmed course registration before you can apply.

These permits are valid in white permit parking lots on the Waterloo campus only and are not valid at meters. Non-residence permits are valid for day parking only, overnight parking is not permitted in white permit parking areas.

You will be required to enter your MyLaurier login information to access the application. Applications can be found at  You must have a confirmed registration of classes before you can apply.  If you experience difficulties, contact the Parking and Transportation Resources Office at 519.884.0710 x3032 or email If you have difficulties with your Laurier login credentials please contact the student ICT Support Desk at 519.884.0710 x2222 or

  Permit fees will be charged to your Loris account however fees will not appear until your permit has been processed. When our office has processed your permit request you will receive an email which will inclue both permit information as well as permit pick up details.  All emails will be sent to your email address.

Please note you will not be able to apply for a parking permit if you have outstanding parking violations. If this applies to you, your application will not be processed or may be placed on a waitlist until payment has been made and your account has been cleared.

Where to Park

With a valid permit, non-residence students may park only in lots designated as white permit parking lots: Lots 3A, 9, 36, 37 and 48. Please refer to a campus map for these locations. Permit parking is enforced in these lots from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. No overnight parking is permitted.

Free parking is offered after 4:30 p.m. in all white permit lots only for both students and visitors to campus. (Note; metered parking in white lots requires payment at all times, permits not valid at meters) Overnight parking is not permitted in white lots. Failure to utilize the lots listed above may result in a ticket and/or tow.

Vehicles parking in unauthorized lots, meters, accessible spaces, service vehicle spaces and reserved spaces will be subject to ticketing and/or towing. Parking on roadways, in fire routes and “no parking” areas are subject to an immediate tow.

Permits may not be sold, loaned or borrowed. If you no longer need your permit, contact the Parking and Transportation Resources office.

Spring and Summer Parking

No permit is currently required for short term parking in the White permit parking areas ( Lots 3A, 9, 36, 37 and 48) from 8am - 10pm, no overnight parking is permitted in these parking areas, metered parking spaces in these lots require payment. Please refer to a campus map for these locations. All other parking areas regular permit rules apply. Parking permits are now available for the fall term.

Applications for overnight parking for Spring/Summer permits are available. If you are looking for overnight parking for Spring/Summer please complete the Spring/Summer Residence Parking Permit Application  here. 24 hour permits for residence lots will be sold based on availability.

Pricing is available under fee's

Single Term and Co-op Students

If you are enrolled in classes for the fall term or will be doing a co-op during the winter term, you are required to apply for and purchase a fall/winter (eight-month) parking permit. In December, upon completion of your studies, simply return the permit to our office for a credit of any full remaining months. This credit may be used for other university charges. If your permit is not returned to our office, a credit will not be processed to your student account.

Should you require a permit for the winter term only (January to April), we encourage you to apply online in summer at  You will be placed on our waitlist and contacted in early January if we have availability and are able to accommodate your request.

Residence Students

For students applying to live in reseidence you will have an opportunity to complete a parking permit request as part of the residence application process. If you are going to be living in a Laurier residence building and have missed the deadline to apply (June 1st, 2021)  You may still apply for a residence parking permit.

Residence students are issued either a red, green or blue parking permit in accordance with your residence assignment. Note that each residence does not have its own parking lot and you will be issued a permit for a lot in close proximity.

Applying early does not guarantee you will receive a permit. All applicants will be given equal consideration up to and including the deadline. While you may still apply after the deadline, we reserve the right to waitlist individuals until we address parking space allocation. Once waitlisted, permits will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Any vehicle displaying a permit must be registered. If the plate(s) you intend to register incurred violations on university property at any time, you will not be granted a permit until all fines are paid in full.

Permits may not be sold, loaned or borrowed. If you no longer need your permit, contact the Parking and Transportation Resources office.

If you live in residence and require a temporary permit to park you will need to come to the Parking office to purchase one, permits are issued based on availability.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Parking Locations

24-hour parking is only available in designated areas and are assigned by permit colour:

Note; Permits are lot specific and are only valid in the lot designated on your parking permit.

  • Red: Lot 30 (University Place) or Lot 31 (Laurier Place
  • Blue: Lot 34 (200 King Street Underground Parking Garage)
  • Green: Lot 45 (60 University Ave. surface), Lot 44 (32 University Ave.), Lot 47 (50 Marshall St.), Lot 60 (260 Regina St. surface/garage) Lot 29 (202 Lester St. surface lot 29U/garage lot 29G)
  • Ezra/Bricker Residence's (Including; 19, 33, 39, 41, 43, 52, 54, 55, 60, 68 Ezra, 53 Bricker, 62 Hickory) (only available for students residing in Ezra/Bricker)

 Please note; All Ezra/Bricker residences (except for 62 Hickory) permits are space specific, meaning your permit is only valid in the specific space you have been designated.

Residence students may not park in/on reserved spaces, accessible spaces, service vehicle spaces, roadways, fire routes and “no parking” areas. Permit parking is enforced in red, blue and green lots 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Failure to utilize the lots listed above may result in a ticket and/or tow. There is no short-term parking in residence lots.

If you expect to have an overnight visitor or plan to bring a vehicle to residence temporarily (i.e. for moving in or out), see the information at visitor and temporary parking.

Residence Dons

Student dons may park only in lots/spaces designated as red, blue, green or orange.

  • Red permit holders are eligible to park only in red permit areas as designated on their permit (either Lot 30 or 31).
  • Blue permit holders are eligible to park only in the blue permit lot (Lot 34).
  • Green permit holders are eligible to park in their designated green permit lot (either Lots 44, 45, 47 & 60)
  • Orange permit holders are eligible to park only in orange permit areas/spaces (Lots 1, 7A, 19A, and 30).

Permit parking is enforced in these lots/spaces 24 hours a day, seven days a week; overnight parking of valid permit holders is permitted.

Parking permits for Residence Life staff are allocated on a limited basis and applications must be approved by Residence Services. Permit application forms are available from Residence Services. Those successful in obtaining a permit may contact the Parking and Transportation Office for pick-up instructions. The applicable fee will be placed on the student's account.

Any outstanding parking fines and expenses will be attached to student fees and Enrolment Services will not release marks/transcripts until all charges are paid.

Vehicles must be parked within allocated lots/spaces only. Residence Life staff occupying other lots/spaces will be ticketed and/or towed.

Note: All the above information also applies to Residence Life Area Coordinators (RLACs).

Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Parking

Permits for students operating a motorcycle, moped or scooter must be obtained from the Parking and Transportation Resources Office, and must be displayed in such a manner that it is easily noticeable. Permits are valid only from April 1 to Oct. 31 of each year.

Where to Park

Motorcycle/moped/scooter parking for faculty, staff, students, and visitors is restricted to designated areas (cement pads) located at:

  • Lot 15: The end of Bouckaert Hall near Bricker Residence – entrance is located off Bricker Ave.
  • Lot 1: Off Bricker Ave.
  • Lot 32: Lazaridis Hall

See Visitor and Temporary Parking for information about short-term motorcycle/moped/scooter parking.

Note: You may park ebikes at bike racks around campus. You do not require a permit. Please take care and caution when driving through campus to the various bike racks.


Parking in university lots is by permit only. Up to four vehicles may be registered to a permit and, to be valid, the permit must be attached to the rearview mirror of the vehicle with the permit clearly visible through the windshield.

View the interactive campus map to see parking locations.

If you are a student with a temporary accessible need, see additional information at Accessible Parking.

If you have any kind of parking permit and change the vehicle you drive, or need to add a vehicle, you will need to update your information by logging into

Student Parking

General Parking

All non-residence students are eligible for parking in the Market Centre Parkade or in the Charlotte lot (space permitting). 

Parking permits are allocated on a first come, first served basis. For the cost associated with parking permits, please see Parking Fees.

Premium Parking Permits

There are a limited number of permits available for the gated lot that is entered off of Charlotte street(across from RAC). A FOB access card will be issued to permit holders to exit this parking lot-please note that there is a $ 50.00 replacement fee should card be lost or if it is not returned upon expiration. For the cost of a premium parking permit, see Parking Fees.

You may apply online for a Brantford campus  non-residence parking permit or choose to be added to a waiting list at

Residence Students Parking

Students living in Laurier operated residence buildings require 24 hour parking. The Market Centre Parkade located at 59 Icomm Drive is our primary 24 hour parking lot for Residence Students. 

Residence parking permit applications should be submitted with your residence application. If you have already submitted your residence application but did not submit a parking permit application, you may submit an application now for fall/winter 2021.

Applications received after the residence application deadline will be allocated based on availability. Permits will be available for pick up during residence check-in. After this date you must pick up your permit from Parking Services Brantford. You can arrange to do this by emailing

Spring and Summer Parking

Permits are required for parking on campus during the spring/summer term (May - August). Students have the option of applying for a 4 month permit (May - August). Should you not require the permit for the full 4 months you may return the permit to the Parking office and you will receive a credit for any full remaining months back to your student account. Online permit applications will be accepted beginning Mid March and permits will be available for pick up beginning the last week of April. Permits are available at

Carpool Parking

All students are eligible to apply for a Carpool Permit which ensures you a reserved parking spot in a central campus parking lot.

Market Centre Parkade

Market Centre Parkade permits are available to all students. This garage is located on campus directly behind Grand River Hall and is a three-level parking garage with 950 spaces.

Parkade permits can be purchased at the Market Centre Parkade located at 59 Icomm Drive, Brantford

Municipal Parking Lots

The City of Brantford offers pay and display as well as monthly permits for Municipal Parking Lots located near campus.

Social Work parking permits for the Kitchener Campus


Fall 2021/22 permits are now available online for Social Work students. You must have a confirmation of registration in the MSW program before you can apply.

A decision has not been made regarding the reinstatement of parking fee's or the requirement of a permit. Applying for this permit simply places you on a waiting list, if permits will be required for the fall term. 

The deadline to apply for a Kitchener campus parking will be August 6, 2021. Applicants will be contacted via email in early August with further instructions. 

Please ensure you apply for the correct duration of permit as we are unable to extend your parking. 

Options; 8 Month Permit September to April, 2022 or 10 Month Permit September to June, 2022

You will be required to enter your MyLaurier login information to access the application. If you experience difficulties contact the Parking office at or issues with your login information; contact the student ICT Support Desk at 519.884.0710 x2222 or

Deadline to pick up your permit/access card will be September 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm. If your permit is not picked up by this date they will be deactivated. If you have applied and no longer want your permit, please advise our office immediately.

Permits may not be sold, loaned or borrowed. If you no longer need your permit, contact the Parking and Transportation Resources office.

Where Can I Park?

Kitchener student permit parking is in the parking garage at the corner of Charles St. and Benton St. The walk to campus is approximately 10-15 minutes. You will be given an access card to enter the parking garage. Please do not follow vehicles into the garage. You will need to swipe in and out each time, if you do not swipe in, your card will not work when you go to swipe out of the garage. This card does not need to be returned to the Parking office once expired.

In addition to the parking garage at Charles St. and Benton St., with a valid permit, Faculty of Social Work students may park in white parking lots on the Waterloo campus. Permit parking is enforced in these lots from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (please verify with signs posted in these lots).

Evening parking option for 2021 School year; Your access card will allow you to park in the Kitchener City Hall parking garage between the hours of 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Monday - Friday ONLY. You must swipe in and out each time you use the garage. Accessing the garage outside of these hours will result in being charged for the time you were parked in the garage. The Parking office nor the City of Kitchener will reimburse you for this charge.  Failure to utilize the lots listed above may result in a ticket and/or tow. For more information, see the "Waterloo" tab.