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Residence Styles

Check out the different residence style options we have available on our campuses below. Once you've found a style that suits your needs, head over to our Residence Buildings page where you can take a look at the different buildings offered in each style, as well as other information about room type and gender-related housing options.


All of our residences in Brantford are apartment-style, which means you have a kitchen in your unit so you can prepare your own meals. Two residence preferences are offered in both gender inclusive housing and co-ed housing.


Our buildings are comprised of both dormitory-style accommodations and apartment-style accommodations. The main difference between dormitory-style and apartment-style residences is the kitchen. Dormitory style residences have limited shared cooking facilities, where apartment-style residences each have a kitchen.

Six residence preferences are offered in gender inclusive housing, seven residence preferences are available in co-ed housing and one residence preference is available in single gender housing.

All rooms within each apartment unit will be assigned to students who identify as the same gender or who have applied to gender inclusive housing.

Within each apartment unit, there may be a combination of single rooms and shared double rooms.