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Co-op Refunds and Fee Appeals

Refund Policy by Program

Should you withdraw from co-op, the fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis as described below. This policy applies even if there has been any delay in the billing of the fee. 

You must submit a co-op withdrawal form to avoid additional charges. (You are financially indebted to the university according to the fee schedule and until you have cancelled your registration in writing.)

No portion of the co-op fee will be refunded if you contravene academic or co-op policies. Please consult your admission offer and the withdrawal form for more information.

Fee Appeals

If due to illness or a death in your immediate family, you wish to appeal the assessment of co-op fees relating to your withdrawal from co-op, you must complete a co-op fee appeal form and provide the form, along with official supporting documentation, to the Director of Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships.

Normally, appeals may be submitted no later than 14 calendar days following the last day of regularly scheduled classes in the relevant term. After this time period, we will consider only fee appeals based on medical incapacity or bereavement and accompanied by official supporting documentation. No appeal of any kind will be considered after six months from the last day of the term to which the disputed charges apply.

Appeal Guidelines

All co-op fee appeals will be reviewed using the following guidelines:

  • A student is considered to be registered in co-op and is responsible for co-op fees upon confirming admission to co-op. Students are financially indebted to the university unless registration in co-op is cancelled in writing. The fee refund schedule is posted on MyLearningSpace and the co-op website.
  • Students are solely responsible for ensuring that their registration in co-op is accurate. Appeals will not be considered for any circumstance arising from an error in registration.
  • Failure to attend the co-op fundamentals course (for undergrad only) or to apply for co-op jobs is insufficient grounds for a fee appeal.
  • Fees should be paid in full as assessed in accordance with the schedules for fees and refunds, as late payment fees may apply while an appeal is pending or if an appeal is unsuccessful. If the appeal is approved, account adjustments will be pro-rated in accordance with the dates listed below.
  • The student is responsible for submitting any documentation that supports their request for a fee appeal; appeals based on medical grounds will not be considered without the submission of the Supporting Medical Documentation Form (to be completed by the attending physician). If the medical form is already on file with an approved university department, it is your responsibility to request that it be forwarded to the Director of Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships.



The following pro-rated co-op fee amounts are used only for appeals that have been approved by the Director of Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnerships. If your appeal has been denied, the official deadline dates and corresponding fee penalties listed on the co-op website are applied to your financial account.

  • 20% fee charge in the third week after the deadline for new students to register in co-op or the third week of the term for other students.
  • 30% fee charge in the fourth week.
  • 40% fee charge in the fifth week.
  • 50% fee charge in the sixth week.
  • 55% fee charge in the seventh and eighth week.
  • 100% fee charge as of the ninth week.