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Note Taking

The Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) provides a note-taking service for registered students with disabilities who have been approved for this classroom accommodation. Both ALC students requesting notes and potential volunteer note-takers can apply through ALC online.

How to Request Notes / Volunteer to Take Notes

  1. Sign into your ALC online profile.
  2. When students request accommodations for each course, students need to ensure they select “Note-taking Services” (Students must have an approved note-taking accommodation)

Note takers: If you are matched, you will be granted access to the course folders so you can upload notes. You will also be emailed with further instructions and next steps. (We thank you!)

ALC students: You will be granted access to the course folders you have registered for so you can download notes as they are made available. You will begin to see notes posted after the note-taking request deadline, granted a volunteer comes forward to takes notes in your courses.

Who Are the Note Takers?

The note takers are students in your classes who have volunteered to share their class notes in a timely manner. Effective note takers are selected for their dedicated class attendance, clear notes and good communication skills.

How Do I Get My Notes?

As an approved note receiver, you will be granted access to a note-taking course on ALC Online.  Once a note taker is found in your course, he or she will post notes in a ALC Online discussion board for your course. Note takers and note receivers have the option of being anonymous to each other.

What Are My Responsibilities?

  • Attend all classes, unless you are unable due to illness. The note-taking service will be withdrawn if there are absences for reasons other than illness.
  • Note takers are a back up to your own notes and cannot be guaranteed for every class.
  • Do not give or sell a note taker's notes to another student.
  • Provide feedback to note takers on ALC online and inform the ALC staff about concerns.
  • Notify the ALC if you drop a course for which you requested a note taker, or if the course notes are available from the instructor.