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Course Offerings for 2017/18

Note: Refer to the academic calendar for course descriptions. Special topics course descriptions are listed below.

  • AR101: Invitation to Archaeology
  • AR102: Doing Archaeology
  • AR104: Greece: Minotaur to Alexander
  • AR105: Ancient Rome: Not Just Caesar
  • AR201: Amorous Aphrodite to Zesty Zeus: An Archaeology of Myth
  • AR203: Becoming Human
  • AR205: Archaeology of the Middle East
  • AR217: Small Things Forgotten: Artifact Analysis
  • AR221: Archaeology of Greece and Rome
  • AR222: Archaeological Mysteries of North America
  • AR/HI225: History of Ancient Greece
  • AR/HI226: History of Ancient Rome
  • AR228: Who Owns the Past?
  • AR229: Indigenous Archaeology
  • AR246: Environmental Archaeology
  • AR250: Digital Heritage and Archaeology
  • AR333: Archaeology of Disasters
  • AR336: Cultural Resource Management in Archaeology
  • AR337: Archaeology of Religion
  • AR338: Current Issues in Classical Archaeology
  • AR341: Analytical Archaeology and Data Management
  • AR344: Archaeological Science
  • AR364: Investigating Archaeological Landscapes
  • AR370: Introduction to Osteology
  • AR371: Archaeology of Death: Burial Practices Around the World
  • AR372: Managing Archaeological Collections
  • AR390J: Special Topics (see below)
  • AR460: Paradigms in Archaeology
  • AR462: Capstone Seminar in Archaeology
  • AR471: Health, Diet and Disease in the Past

Special Topics Course Descriptions

AR390j: Public Archaeology

Modern archaeology no longer involves just digging up the past; it is also concerned with the involvement of local communities and the role of the public in the interpretation of the past. This course will explore the growing importance of public archaeology through the examination of topics such as consultation with indigenous communities, activism, communication and social media, nationalism, and public outreach.