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Course Offerings for 2023/24

Note: Refer to the academic calendar for course descriptions

  • AR101: Invitation to Archaeology (also AR101OC)
  • AR102: Doing Archaeology
  • AR104: Greece: Minotaur to Alexander (also AR104OC)
  • AR105: Ancient Rome: Not Just Caesar (also AR105OC)
  • AR205: Archaeology of the Middle East
  • AR216: Archaeology of Athletics
  • AR222: Archaeological Mysteries of North America
  • AR/HI225: History of Ancient Greece
  • AR/HI226: History of Ancient Rome
  • AR228: Who Owns the Past?
  • AR246: Environmental Archaeology
  • AR250: Digital Heritage and Archaeology
  • AR252OC: Life in the Stonehenge Era
  • AR336: Cultural Resource Management
  • AR337:Aracheology of Religion
  • AR344: Archaeological Science
  • AR364: Archaeological Landscapes
  • AR370: Introduction to Osteology
  • AR371: Burial Practices Around The World
  • AR372: Managing Archaeology Collections
  • AR460: Paradigms in Archaeology
  • AR462: Capstone Seminar in Archaeology
  • AR471: Health, Diet, and Disease in the Past


Archaeology and Heritage Studies Approved Courses