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Course Offerings for 2018/19

Note: Refer to the academic calendar for course descriptions. Special topics course descriptions are listed below.

  • AR101: Invitation to Archaeology
  • AR102: Doing Archaeology
  • AR104: Greece: Minotaur to Alexander
  • AR105: Ancient Rome: Not Just Caesar
  • AR203: Becoming Human
  • AR221: Archaeology of Greece and Rome
  • AR/HI225: History of Ancient Greece
  • AR/HI226: History of Ancient Rome
  • AR228: Who Owns the Past?
  • AR229: Indigenous Archaeology
  • AR246: Environmental Archaeology
  • AR250: Digital Heritage and Archaeology
  • AR290A: Special topics: Cult Archaeology
  • AR290B: Special topics: Megastructures: Wonders of Archaeology
  • AR332: Children in the Ancient World
  • AR336: Cultural Resource Management in Archaeology
  • AR337: Archaeology of Religion
  • AR341: Analytical Archaeology and Data Management
  • AR342: Above Ground Archaeology
  • AR364: Investigating Archaeological Landscapes
  • AR372: Managing Archaeological Collections
  • AR460: Paradigms in Archaeology
  • AR462: Capstone Seminar in Archaeology

Special Topics Course Descriptions

AR290a: Cult Archaeology

This course will explore popular, fantastic, and alternative interpretations of archaeological material presented in popular media. Archaeological myths and mysteries, often depicted as fantastic or cult archaeology, will be dispelled. Students will be encouraged to critically examine and analyse these pseudoscientific explanations.

AR290b: Megastructures: Wonders of Archaeology

This course will examine some of the most innovative and phenomenal construction triumphs of the ancient world. Archaeologists have long worked to solve the mysteries of how certain landmarks and structures were built without the machines and materials available to modern engineers. Students will get an inside look at the planning, engineering and cultural context behind some of the earliest and largest structures ever created.