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Making Changes to Your Undergraduate Program

How to Change or Update Your Program

If you’re an undergraduate student looking make changes to your program (Faculty, Major, minor, option, etc.), there are a few ways to do it:

  • During March and April you have the ability to change your future program in LORIS by selecting the "Student Services" tab, then "Program Change Request." Our records specialists will review your request in May/early June, and will update your program if you are eligible for your program request. (To see if you successfully changed programs, go back to the "Registration" page in LORIS and select "Display Student Programs." Students who are unsure of program requirements, or require assistance should meet with their academic advisor.) This is the preferred way to request program adjustments.
    • Note: this is also your opportunity to declare a minor, option, concentration
  • Outside of this time period, you are able to make time sensitive program changes through a program selection form (see forms below). The program selection form is also used if you have been away from Laurier for less than 18 months and would like to reactivate your account to register for courses.
    • Once you have submitted a program selection form, your eligibility will be reviewed and if approved, you may view your program in LORIS in five to seven business days.
  • Highly competitive programs have special considerations and cannot be switched into through LORIS or a program selection form. Program transfer forms (see forms below) for these programs become available in March for the following academic year and are typically due by May 1st. These programs include:
    • Business Technology Management (BBTM)
    • Criminology and Policing: part-time, fully online (BA)
    • Digital Media and Journalism (BA)
    • Game Design and Development (BFAA)
    • Game Design and Development Specialization (For User Experience Design students only)
    • Health Sciences (BSc)
    • Kinesiology (BKin)
    • Social Work (BSW)
    • Sussex Criminology (BA/LLB)
    • Sussex Human Rights and Human Diversity (BA/LLB)
    • Sussex Law and Society (BA/LLB)
    • Public Safety (BA)
  • Students who meet the course and GPA eligibility requirements for our Economics programs can complete an Economics Program Transfer request form after the Winter or Spring terms. Requests are not accepted after the Fall term.
  • Students who meet the course and GPA eligibility requirements for Year 2 of the Bachelor of Business Administration program can complete the BBA program transfer request form on LORIS, available from mid May to mid June only.
  • Students who meet the course and GPA eligibility requirements for Year 2 of the Honours BBA and Honours BA Financial Mathematics or the Honours BBA and Honours BSc Computer Science double degree programs can request a program transfer by completing a program selection form (see form below). Double degree program transfer requests will be reviewed at the end of Year 1.

Program Selection Forms 

Time Ticket Request Form

Complete this form to request a Time Ticket to register for courses via LORIS.  

This Time Ticket Request form is exclusively used to request a registration time ticket in your current program only.

If you have been away from Laurier for more than 18 months, please complete the appropriate Request for Re-Registration form.

If you are looking to change your program, please use LORIS during the March/April window or submit a Program Selection form.

Once the form has been submitted, changes will take affect in LORIS within 2-4 business days. Please note, during high volume periods, processing times may increase.

Program Transfer Forms

Transferring Campuses

Switching from Part-Time to Full-Time