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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers five different degrees in Physical and Human Geography, a BSc degree in Environmental Science and a BSc degree in Water Science and Environmental Health, as well as a BA degree in Environmental Studies.

To deepen your professional preparation, you can also focus on one or several fields of expertise:

  • physical geography
  • human geography
  • GIS and geomatics
  • health geography
  • tourism
  • environmental and resource management

Program Pathways

The program pathways below will provide you a better understanding of your academic experience and what you can expect in your program. 

Enhance Your Program

Students looking for a further specialization are able to advance their studies with our internationally respected faculty. For example, the department plays a leadership role in the Cold Regions Research Centre, an internationally recognized centre for arctic and mountain research. Geography also has strong links to the International Migration Research Centre where researchers debate and analyze policy related to international migration and mobility. Other research opportunities can be accessed through our various research centres and institutes

Similarly, in the field of Human Geography, students can pursue four different specializations, each with their dedicated set of courses from first to fourth year:

  • Urban and Economic Spaces;
  • Landscapes and Identity;
  • Tourism and Travel Behaviour; and
  • Regional Geographies of Canada.

For students of all specializations, the department offers a variety of field courses, as well as the opportunity for co-op studies.