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Student Groups

Health Sciences Students' Association

The Health Sciences Students’ Association (HSSA) is a student-run association made up of first- and upper-year Health Sciences students committed to advocating for the Health Sciences and Laurier communities.

As a council, HSSA strives to provide the Health Sciences student body with diverse academic and social programming to enhance the student university experience. HSSA also strives to engage Laurier students in community service by providing opportunities to get involved in club organized fundraisers and service projects through the new charitable initiative- HSSA Cares.

HSSA is also very involved in academics at Laurier and plays a vital role in enhancing the experience of students by recommending changes to improve the Health Sciences program, providing academic help sessions for difficult courses, and by providing a voice for students when discussing issues relevant to the Health Sciences program.

Finally, HSSA provides Laurier students with opportunities for professional development and networking by collaborating with other campus clubs to organize events featuring club-sponsored speakers, alumni visits and outreach help.

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Faculty of Science Students' Association

The Health Sciences Students’ Association is part of the Faculty of Science Students' Association.

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association is a group of science students that hope to provide a diverse and enlightening experience to the Laurier Science Community. How? We plan on enhancing the university experience for all students officially registered in the programs offered by the Faculty of Science, including you!

FOSSA will provide activities, information and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental and social conditions of its members throughout the year. Check the website for updates. We also hope to serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student clubs in the Faculty of Science and the Students’ Union.

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National Health Sciences Students’ Association

The National Health Sciences Students’ Association (NaHSSA) was established in 2005; the first of its kind in the world. NaHSSA is a network of university- and college-based chapters composed of students and faculty mentors that promote interprofessional education and collaborative practice in Canada. NaHSSA enables students to advocate for and learn from this form of education through social networking and leadership opportunities.