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Lost and Damaged OneCards

Did You Lose Your Card?

During regular office hours, email to get assistance with deactivating. 

The OneCard office is not responsible for any account activity including access or transactions performed with a lost card, so make sure you deactivate your card as soon as possible. 

Need a Replacement Card?

Send us an email at and include your full name and student number. 

Replacement card costs are as follows:

  • $20 for 2021/22 new students and onward. 
  • $30 for upper year students.

Note: Starting 2021/22, student fees include a one-time fee for first card (new students only).

Damaged Your Card?

Whether in appearance or functionality, you must bring your card (even in pieces!) to the OneCard office where possible. Damaged cards may be replaced at no charge, subject to OneCard staff's discretion. Do not hole punch your card or deface it in any way because it may render the card inactive and the replacement fee will apply. 

Lanyards are available for purchase at the Laurier Bookstore