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Fee Appeals and Policies

Students may need to drop or withdraw from their courses or Laurier for various reasons. Students who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered for tuition and late registration fee appeals that result from extenuating circumstances.

You are financially responsible for all fees incurred by registration in courses and/or graduate program milestones (e.g., thesis/major research paper, comprehensive exam); however, if you are in good standing, you may withdraw from a course, or milestone (graduate students only) at Laurier according to the dates found in the Academic Dates section of the online academic calendar. Not attending classes, emailing the instructor, or not making payments is not officially dropping or withdrawing. If you don’t officially drop or withdraw from your courses/milestones on LORIS, grades will be recorded on your transcript and depending on the date, you may still be responsible for tuition.

Fee Appeal Process

Step 1Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Tuition and late registration fee appeals that result from specific extenuating circumstances are eligible for consideration.

Step 2Step 2: Submit the Fee Appeal

Complete the fee appeal and provide the necessary supporting documentation.

Step 3Step 3: Receive the Outcome and Decision

Your appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to you through your myLaurier email account.