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Invoicing and Accounts

Student invoices are static documents that will not change if you add or drop courses. The amount outstanding on your invoice will be what’s due on the due date. If you have made changes to your registration, you are able to see a dynamic and up-to-date balance on LORIS under the "Student Services" tab, "Student Account Summary", then "Account Summary by Term."

If your balance on your account summary by term is lower than the most recent invoice, the account summary total will be the most accurate. If you have added courses and your balance on LORIS is greater than your current invoice, the new charges will appear on your next invoice.

Ensure you register for courses before the deadline to avoid late registration fees; be sure to check out Laurier's important academic dates.

Dropping Courses and Penalties

When you are dropping courses, your fee adjustment will depend on when you drop your course. Courses dropped prior to the start of term will receive a full tuition adjustment.

During the fall, winter and spring term, you can find all the add/drop penalty dates in the academic calendar. Within a standard 12-week term, the first week of class allows you to drop courses without financial penalty. The second week of class there is a 10% tuition penalty. After the second week, the tuition penalty is 55% and incidental fees are non-refundable. If you are dropping from 2.5 credits to 2.0 credits (typically five down to four courses) within the 55% penalty range, you will not receive a tuition adjustment on your account. This is because 55% of a course cost plus the cost of the courses you are still registered is greater than the amount that you were actually charged, due to the tuition cap.

After the last date to drop without academic penalty, there is no tuition adjustment.

If you are planning to drop all your courses, please review our steps on how to withdraw from Laurier.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

By registering for classes at Wilfrid Laurier University, students agree to pay all assessed tuition and fees as a result of registration. Students are responsible to properly cancel, adjust or drop their registration in accordance with academic dates in the Academic Calendar. Students understand that decisions with respect to any request for course withdrawals, tuition refunds, tuition adjustments, or other fees are Wilfrid Laurier University’s sole discretion and in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures. Furthermore, students agree to pay any additional charges they may incur, including, but not limited to: charges for residence, meal plans, class materials, late registration fees, other departmental charges, penalties and late payment fees.

Students understand that:

  • It is their responsibility to verify their student financial account on a regular basis.
  • Regardless of their eligibility for financial aid, they are personally responsible for the full amount assessed to them as a result of their registration and will be held accountable to Wilfrid Laurier University’s policies and procedures.
  • Having an overdue balance on their student financial account may have both academic and non-academic consequences (Financial Hold), including, without limitation, graduating, accessing final grades, adding courses, registering for future terms, accessing a transcript of grades and/or referral to a third-party collection agency.